TRU Announcement

Update on Plans for 2021 Course Delivery

Dear Students,


I hope you are off to a positive and productive start with your courses this year. Although this term has just begun, I thought you would appreciate information regarding our plans for the remainder of 2021. 

With positive news about vaccines and a desire to help you during this extraordinary time, I am pleased to share that plans are underway to increase face-to-face opportunities, both for instruction and other services, throughout 2021. 

For our spring and summer terms, the number of courses delivered face-to-face on campus are expected to increase gradually, while the majority of students will continue to learn virtually. As with recent terms, the courses selected for face-to-face delivery will be those that have practical components and for situations where we can do this safely. 

For the fall term, our desired goal is that all students enrolled in TRU’s traditionally on-campus programs will have the opportunity for some face-to-face instruction on one of our campuses. Planning is already underway, and I look forward to sharing more details as planning begins to take shape.

Throughout the pandemic, the adjustments we have made to course delivery have been made with your safety as our top priority. Yet, we are very much aware of how your learning experience has been affected; some of you are succeeding while others are struggling. TRU’s Vision Statement inspires us to be the university where everyone finds a sense of belonging. With that, I am hopeful that with our fall term planning and lessons learned from the pandemic, we will be offering flexible and leading-edge learning opportunities that support your learning preferences.  

Thank you for choosing TRU to further your education and for your continued resilience and adaptability with this changing learning landscape. 


In peace, health and harmony,

Christine L. Bovis-Cnossen
Provost and Vice-President Academic and Research