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Wildfire science

  Posted on: April 24, 2023

The only Canadian university to have two research chairs dedicated solely to wildfire science, TRU also has the largest team of wildfire experts at any university in Canada. Our team of experts is leading world-class research and is available to discuss wildfires and related issues.

Wildfire behaviour, ecology, land, air and water impacts

Dr. Mike Flannigan, BC Research Chair in Predictive Services, Emergency Management and Fire Science.
Dr. Flannigan’s research involves developing methods to help predict when and where extreme fire weather may arise and exploring the development of early warning wildfire notification systems. He is working with BC Wildfire Service staff to address challenges related to predicting wildfire activity and behaviour, to enhance their ability to prepare for and respond to wildfires.

Dr. Jill Harvey, Canada Research Chair in Fire Ecology.
Dr. Harvey investigates wildfire and drought as processes driving ecosystem change to help inform forest and fire management practices and enhance resilience in Canada’s forests.

Dr. Wendy Gardner, associate professor, Natural Resource Science (Faculty of Science)
Dr. Gardner is an expert in rangeland management and ecology and the coordinator of the Master of Science in Environmental Science program at TRU. She is knowledgeable about post-wildfire plant community recovery.

Dr. Brian Heise, associate professor, Natural Resource Science (Faculty of Science)
Dr. Heise studies the effects of land use practices and invasive species on freshwater invertebrates and fish. He is knowledgeable about the effects of wildfire on aquatic ecosystems, especially rivers and streams.

Dr. Thomas Pypker, associate professor, Natural Resource Science (Faculty of Science).
Dr. Pypker is studying the after-effects of wildfires, particularly as they impact land disturbance and water flows.

To reach any of these wildfire experts contact:

or Michele Young, Manager, Communications Content, | 250-828-5361