TRU Announcement

Changes for the New Student Loan Year

Beginning Aug. 1, 2022

Dear Students,

TRU is changing how we process your student loan payments.

BC and Canada student loans

Once your student loan application is approved and your enrolment at TRU is confirmed, all of your funding will be deposited directly into your bank account. 

Prior to Aug. 1, 2022, a portion of your student loan and grant funds were being redirected to your TRU student account to pay for tuition and mandatory fees. This process was time-consuming, frustrating and confusing for many students—especially those with payments coming from multiple sources, and those transferring from other schools that do not follow this process.

Your loan, your responsibility

This change will empower you, the student, to successfully manage your loans and grants through choosing when and how you pay your fees. It will also allow TRU’s Student Awards and Financial Aid teams to serve our students better. The way fee deferrals are provided is unchanged—giving you ample time to receive your funding and then pay your TRU fees. 

Learn more

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about funding your studies at TRU, visit our Student Loan FAQs page. To learn more about how to manage your student loan debt, visit StudentAid BC.

Please contact our Student Awards and Financial Aid office if you have any questions about student loans, grants and scholarships. 

Phone: 250-828-5024

Open Learning contacts:

Phone: 800-663-9711 Ext. 4 (toll-free in Canada) or 250-852-6802