Focus on Teaching - July 2, 2020

Dear Reader,

We've got at least a month to celebrate the height of summer and the warm blessings it may bring us. Things like a walk in the park, a refreshing ice cream cone, a late sunset replete with many colours, or a visit with a friend can be regenerative.

For this reason, at CELT we're also slowing down event programming in hopes you are able to turn your attention to the joys of summer. Nonetheless, you are welcome reach out for tailored support for your courses at any time. And, take a peek at what's ahead:

• Facilitating Learning In Moodle - condensed edition

• New Faculty Orientation - sessions

We hope you'll reach out soon, or rejoin us in August. We can't wait to help you get ready for back-to-school, no matter how the semester may proceed.


Your CELT Team

Professional Development

Facilitating Learning in Moodle, Condensed Edition

August 10 - 14, all-day

Shifting from delivering a course face-to-face to an alternate mode of delivery? This hands-on, intensive 5-day workshop will offer you opportunity to engage in planning and implementing that shift. It’s organized around four modules—course planning and design, building community, engaging and motivating students, and facilitating assessment—all via Moodle. Participants will attend synchronous sessions, work on their own Moodle sites, and engage with colleagues to give and receive feedback daily. There will be multiple opportunities for participants to share their work. The session will take you through approximately 7-8 hours of content and activity per day. Register for Facilitating Learning in Moodle, Condensed Edition.

New Faculty Orientation -sessions 

August 24 - 28, times will vary

Our goal is to reach out to all new (or almost new) faculty, including tenure-track, limited-term contract and sessional faculty. We want you to feel a part of TRU and well-informed about the institution and your role as faculty. These orientations will include key information and contacts regarding services that you may need to relay to students, services from HR for you, and academic services to support your teaching and research. More details are coming soon!

Registration via the CELT calendar will open in late July.

Support for Teaching at TRU

Learning Design Support

What are best practices in course design and assessment for online learning? How can you adapt your face to face activities and assessments to a digital environment? How can you use technology most effectively to design an engaging learning experience? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of teaching remotely for a whole semester? How will you manage your own workload and set boundaries so you are able to fulfill your other commitments?

The Learning Design team has answers and strategies for you. Our work is situated at the intersection of technology and pedagogy with a focus on the learner experience. We are here to help, whether you want individual consultation on your specific course or a larger group discussion with your department.

Reach out to and an instructional designer will contact you to offer assistance.

Learning Technology and Innovation

Moodle Support

Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. - noon  &  2 - 4 p.m.

Learning Technology facilitators are offering daily open office hours (using Big Blue Button) for faculty who are transitioning to alternate delivery methods using Moodle. Advice and instruction in implementing other tools is available on an ongoing basis. Connect by accessing the Support for Alternate Modes of Delivery (Formerly COVID-19 Preparedness) or email

External Resources

An In-Depth Look at the Pulling Together Indigenization Guide: Teachers and Instructors

July 9,  9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This interactive Zoom session will focus on the Teachers and Instructors Guide and involve discussion on how to Indigenize and decolonize the classroom in the pursuit of reconciliation.  Participants will be expected to have read the Guide prior to the sessions, and it is strongly suggested that you read the Pulling Together Foundations Guide. Register here.

FLO Bootcamp 

July 13 - 16, asynchronous/synchronous

Did you have a rough “pivot” to online this past winter or spring and want to fix up only the most important stuff before you run your course online again in the fall? Or maybe you missed the pivot (lucky!), but still have a course you want to optimize for online delivery? Join us for a 4-day crash course on only the MOST important stuff: lectures, assignments, proctored exams, your online presence, and dialing back a bit on the zooming! Register here.

FLO MicroCourses–

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourses are short, single-topic, hands-on, practical, and free. In one week you will have an opportunity to dip into the FLO experience and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.

– Considerations for Indigenizing Your Work

July 27 - August 2, all-day

In this course, you will explore how you might reframe Indigenous pedagogies within online environments, including encouraging participants, and creating relationships. Register here.

 – Exploring a World of Open

 August 10 - 16, asynchronous/synchronous

You probably already know that Wikipedia consistently ranks among the top 10 websites visited worldwide. But you may be less aware of the dozen other projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, all offering participatory knowledge beyond the purely encyclopedic. In this MicroCourse, we’ll go on a tour of the Wikiverse, exploring some of the lesser-known Wiki-projects to uncover fresh ideas for your open pedagogy practice.

This course includes mostly asynchronous activities which means you can spread your 6 to 13 hours of participation over the whole week. Synchronous sessions will be recorded. Spreading out participation over each day is ideal. Register here.

Provincial Instructor Diploma (PIDP) Summer Institute (Online) - July & August


PIDP 3100: Foundations of Adult Learning

July 6 - 29, synchronous sessions Mondays & Wednesdays, 9 - 10:30 a.m.


PIDP 3210: Curriculum Development

July 7 - 30, synchronous sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7 - 8:30 p.m.


PIDP 3230: Evaluation of Learning July 7 - 30, synchronous sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9 - 10:30 a.m.

Synchronous Zoom classes will take place two times each week for the first four weeks. These classes are designed to foster discussion, the sharing of ideas, insights and examples and to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging.

To register contact: School of Instructor Education

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