Message from the President

Add Your Voice to Our Future

Dear TRU Community,

At the end of March, I invited you to join me in an extraordinary journey, to build a new vision for TRU—a new set of priorities to see us through the next 10 years, that reflects all that we want and hope for TRU in the future. I want to thank you for the tremendous input received for Envision TRU so far.

Phase I, which ran from Mar. 27 to June 30, generated thousands of comments online and through 40 small-group discussions on campus and in our communities. We asked broad questions such as, “What do you value about TRU?” and “What should TRU be paying attention to over the next 10 years?” to capture key themes. Read the Consultation Summaries for details. 

Throughout Phase II, which began on July 2 and will conclude on Oct. 5, we are sharing the themes that emerged from Phase I consultation, and asking you to tell us what's missing. We hope your responses will help pinpoint themes that are very important to TRU, even if they weren't mentioned by Phase I participants.

So, if you've already participated in Phase I of Envision TRU, thank you—and please continue. If you haven't shared your thoughts yet, you have a few weeks left! Consider one or more of the following options to participate:

• attend a department, faculty or external group discussion

• attend a public consultation in Kamloops, Williams Lake or Merritt

• respond to six new Thoughtexchange questions, open until Sept. 30

• email your 2-page written submission to

The Envision TRU website is your source for everything you want to know about this visioning process, from participation options and guiding principles, to environmental scans and consultation summaries. Please take a look.

We look forward to sharing the final report on the consultation with you in Phase III. And in Phase IV, the results will help us draft TRU's new vision, values and priorities for the next decade. Envision TRU will culminate with the review and approval of a new vision and strategic priorities by the Board of Governors, anticipated in March 2020.


Brett Fairbairn
President & Vice-Chancellor