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Faculty of Law celebrates Dean’s Course Prize winners

October 24, 2023

They achieved the highest grades in their Winter 2023 courses, and on Oct. 17, the Faculty of Law celebrated their accomplishments.

The Dean’s Course Prize reception was held in the atrium in Old Main. Dean Daleen Millard, along with Assistant Dean Lana Walker and several faculty members, presented the prizes to top students.

Millard also paid tribute to the devoted faculty members who support students and to administrative staff who work behind the scenes to assist students and faculty.

Winners for Winter 2023:

  1. Constitutional Law section 90: Pahul Gupta
  2. Constitutional Law section 91: Ian Hunter
  3. Norton Rose Fullbright Prize in Contracts Law section 90: Alexa Wills
  4. Blake Cassels and Graydon Prize in Contracts Law section 91: Ian Hunter
  5. Stikeman Elliott LLP Prize in Property Law section 90: Liam Ogle
  6. Stikeman Elliott LLP Prize in Property section 91: Nathalie Hunter
  7. Singleton Course Prize in FLS section 1: Russell Walton
  8. Guild Yule LLP Outstanding First Year Moot Court Prize section 2: Ian Hunter
  9. Noront Rose Fullbright Canada LLP Prize in Torts Law section 90: Alessandro Molnar
  10. Torts Law section 91: Lucas O’Fee
  11. Criminal Law section 90: Jacob Lawrence
  12. Jensen & Rankin Course Prize in Crime: Law and Procedure section 91: John Spencer
  13. Entertainment Law: Ashley Allen Valleau
  14. Community Lawyering: Shannon Tan
  15. Comp/Int’l Indigenous Rights: Cailey Harris
  16. International IP Law: Elliot To
  17. Insurance Law: Colin Grimard
  18. Corporate Governance: Chanpreet Pabla
  19. Advanced Criminal Law: Kendra Hewson
  20. Advanced Advocacy: Pardeep Birak
  21. Real Estate: Prince Dhillon
  22. Insolvency Institute of Canada Prize in Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law: Sean Gillis
  23. Unjust Enrichment: Abbey Fortin
  24. Mental Health Law: Rosina Hamoni
  25. Thorsteinssons LLP Course Prize in Corporate Tax Law: Eva Siu
  26. Remedies: Scott Stewart-Lee
  27. Trusts: Tara Christensen
  28. Harris and Company LLP Course Prize in Human Rights Law: Nadia Ahmed
  29. Business of Law: Benedict Turner
  30. Charter in Criminal Law: Michaela Esbaugh
  31. Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law: Azat Perengliyev
  32. In-House and Corporate Counsel: Brietta Stewart
  33. Municipal Law: Eva Siu
  34. BC Law Schools Moot: Robert T Steven Parker
  35. Family Law Moot: Dallas Boyer
  36. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Law Moot: Salman Abbasi and Kimia Shiri
  37. Corporate Securities Law Moot: Amelia Neo
  38. First Nations Business and Taxation: Gregory Scott
  39. Business Associations: Tara Christensen
  40. McLean Law Prize in Family Law: Benedict Turner
  41. Course Prize in Tax Law: Karly Reiter
  42. The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Prize: Sarah Yorston
  43. TRC Course Prize be Fulton section 1: Rosina Hamoni
  44. TRC Course Prize be Fulton section 2: Mitchell Carter
  45. Admin Law: Shannon Tan
  46. Ethical Lawyering: Kendra Hewson
  47. Gregory S. Pun, K.C. Prize in Advanced Legal Writing and Research: Vanessa Locke
  48. Kawaskimhon Moot: Robert Houle
  49. Wilson Moot: Madeleine Keating
  50. Jessup Moot: Cailey Harris
  51. MacIntyre Cup Moot: Tea Mamic

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