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Reset your life with breathwork practices

April 30, 2021

Student Storyteller Simran Kaur wanted to improve concentration and manage stress, so she attended a mindfulness series with Breathwork Coach Cheryl Hawrychuk and achieved phenomenal results.

Want to improve concentration, manage stress and have a more balanced life? Student Storyteller Simran Kaur was looking for meaningful techniques and solutions, so she attended a mindfulness series with Breathwork Coach Cheryl Hawrychuk and achieved phenomenal results. 

Here are a few favourite suggestions: 

  • When we get anxious, our sense of stability can quickly unravel. Taking a moment to pause and notice your breath, you’ll be about to respond rather than react to a situation.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by a problem, reach out to a friend, book an appointment with a counsellor, or write out your thoughts in a journal to make sense of your concerns and feelings.
  • Moving your body can help shift or soften negative energy. Take a walk around the block, crank some tunes and dance around your room, catch a virtual exercise class, or roll out the yoga mat for a deep stretch. Any physical exertion will release relaxing hormones, refresh your body and provide some mental clarity. 
  • Living your life on autopilot can create a sense of numbness and apathy. Being mindful of your routines, habits, triggers, and relationships can help you make better, more thoughtful choices. Returning to your breath can bring you back to the present and your body.
  • Managing your health, focusing on your breath and building a supportive community can help you make decisions that can empower you to continuously develop best practices to navigate any stresses that life throws at you. 
  • Attend wellness sessions that can help you develop new techniques to expand the scope of your self-care strategies. 

Take the 10 Day Breath Break Challenge

Click the link to learn more about personalized breath breaks. Follow Cheryl Hawrychuk on Facebook, Instagram or check out the website for more tips, tricks and upcoming sessions

For more questions related to wellness offerings, please contact Joy Demsey, Campus Wellness Advisor, People & Culture – Health and Well-Being

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