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TRU’s Day of Giving exceeds goal

November 20, 2019

TRU’s Day of Giving 2019 raised $61,700 for scholarships and bursaries on Nov. 7 and 8. That total includes $25,000 from long-time TRU donors Roland and Anne Neave.

This year’s goal was to raise $36,000 in 36 hours for student support during the third annual Day of Giving. The Neaves pledged to match every dollar given, up to $25,000.

“I know students struggle nowadays to get through the school year while worrying about their finances,” Roland Neave said. “It’s better that some students can be helped with a scholarship or bursary.”

Roland and Anne Neave fund 12 scholarships and bursaries every year. Awards like theirs make university more affordable. Last year, 1,030 TRU students received more than $1.5 million total in donor-funded awards—an average of $1,532 per student.

What donors are saying:

“As both an alumna and faculty member whose daughter has benefited from several TRU scholarship and bursaries, I feel it is very important to pay it forward!”
—Christine Petersen

“I am a proud TRU alumnus from the academic years ’88-’89 and ’89-’90. TRU prepared me well for moving on to UBC and to other interesting things in my career. I’ve been so impressed with the growth of TRU over the years. Go TRU!”
—Troy Sarich

“I was the recipient of a couple of bursaries while I was a student, which greatly helped lessen the burden of student loans. Everyone should have the right to an education regardless of financial ability.”

“My daughter and youngest brother both received financial awards while attending TRU. My daughter is now a senior lecturer in the School of Business and Economics. It is so rewarding to know that you are helping a student achieve their goal and hopefully taking a little stress away.”
—Sandra Dever

The Day of Giving supported TRU’s Limitless Campaign to raise $50 million by the end of 2020. Learn more at

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