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Research answers community health questions

April 11, 2019

Dr. Noeman Mirza, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing.

Five projects have been awarded Health Research Cluster Grants, as a means of developing research teams designed to address local community health questions.

These grants are the result of consultation with Interior Health that identified five key priorities vital to both TRU and community-based health researchers. The fund was designed to encourage TRU researchers to form teams with professionals who work within Interior Health, and serve to build regional research capacity, facilitate partnerships, and provide student research opportunities. Each research group was awarded $15,000 over two years, along with funds to hire undergraduate researchers, for a total of $120,000.

Read: New health research cluster grants focus on community collaboration, InsideTRU, Feb. 5, 2019

“These grants are the next important step as we move from consultation to action,” said Dr. Will Garrett-Petts, Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies.

“The Health Research Cluster Grant has allowed TRU researchers to collaborate with health partners to carry out rigorous and meaningful research that has the potential to address community-based challenges,” said award recipient Dr. Noeman Mirza. “There are a lot of cookie cutter approaches we can use, but they do not take into consideration the uniqueness of Kamloops and the people who live here. Local research with local people is key to developing local solutions for local problems.”

Health Research Cluster Grants have been awarded to: 

  • Ehsan Latif (TRU), working with Todd Ring (RIH), Thinn Pwint (RIH), and Melba D’Souza (TRU), on “The financial burden of acute oncology emergencies versus the cost of prophylactic patient engagements and care: A case of breast cancer.”
  • Lisa Bourque Bearskin (TRU), working with Collen Seymour (Tk’emlups knowledge holder), and Judy Sturm (IH), on “Indigenous health and practice-based nursing.”
  • Nicola Waters (TRU), working with Mark Rakobowchuk (TRU), and Richard Brownlee (RIH), on “Cell and wound innovation research cluster.”
  • Noeman Mirza (TRU), working with Lorelei Gibson (IH West), Wendy Hulko (TRU), and Cathy Thibault (IH), on “Applied research collaborative on transitions in care.”
  • Judy Duchscher (TRU), working with Ross Cuthbert (IH), on “Bicultural immersion as a strategy to promote a health professional role transition for newly graduated registered nurses.”

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