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Prestigious panel tackles our connection with food

February 23, 2018

Usually we’re more focused on the flavour of our food than its significance in the bigger picture. But a panel of food experts will bring an international perspective to our food and its role in community, culture and sustainability.

This free community event—which involves food and continued dialogue afterward—takes the stage at the Campus Activity Centre Grand Hall on Tuesday, March 6, starting at 7 p.m.

The event is free, but registration is required. Reserve here.

The panelists

Panelists include Ocean Wise founder and chef Ned Bell, Crannog Ales and Left Fields farmer Rebecca Kneen, writer and sustainability speaker Taras Grescoe, Hawaiian speaker/author/professor Manulani Aluli Meyer and Dawn Morrison, ethnobotanist and director of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

Bell, a TV personality and member of Seafood Watch’s Blue Ribbon Task Force, said in his book Lure, he challenges people to eat sustainable seafood once a week and to dive deeper into the conversation about food.

Know who raises your food and find out about where it comes from, he said in a telephone interview.

He suggested breaking out of the same-old, same-old grocery store routine by leaving a blank spot on your shopping list and buying something you’ve never tried before.

“Cooking gives us a great opportunity to shake things up. Challenge yourself to try new things. It’s exciting and delicious. Dig deeper and you get more connected to your ingredients, your community, the farmers and ranchers and artisans. Then the culture, the history, the historical aspect of why that thing is celebrated,” he said.

The man who has created octopus bacon and is finding ways of making seaweed delectable said when we look at food as more than just a meal, we develop more understanding about our world.

“Food connects every human.”

The session will include time for questions to the panelists.

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