Thompson Rivers University

Economic students present at TRU’s Undergraduate Research Conference

March 23, 2013

The 8th Annual TRU Undergraduate Student Research & Innovation Conference is taking place on March 22-23 at TRU with very interesting and engaging presentations by TRU students. Many of our own young inspiring minds guided by their Professors are presenting their research to the community. Topics include the development and economic perspectives of Columbia, the migratory flows to Canada, Economic cost analysis of the Canadian construction industry and the Economics of Global Warming for the Canadian Arctic. Congratulations to our students and their supervisors on a successful initiative to explore and add to the boundaries of existing knowledge!

Alejandroo Urrego Lopez, Supervisor Dewan, “Development and Economic Perspectives of Columbia”
Kamaljeet KaurGrewal, Supervisor Mahbobi, “A Comparative Analysis of Migratory Flows to Canada; BC versus the Rest of Canada Provinces.”
Daniel Dean Friesen, Supervisor Mahbobi, “Economic Cost Analysis, an implication to the Construction Industry in BC.”
Alden Neiedersteiner, Supervisor Tsigaris, “The Economics of Global Warming for the Canadian Arctic: A cost-benefit analysis”


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