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Are Canadians happier with higher income?

October 3, 2012

Sara (Burchnall), B.A. Economics major and  B.B.A accounting major, talks to a Daily News Reporter about her research findings on the determinants of happiness in Canada. Sara found that higher income does not necessary mean more happiness for Canadians. As income increases the additional happiness from an extra $ of income diminishes. The additional happiness from an extra $ of income a rich person gets  (i.e. Bill Gates) is much lower than the additional happiness a homeless person gets from having this additional dollar. This diminishing happiness is more stronger at high levels of income then at low income levels. At high income levels many people get more concerned and involved with issues such as poverty, environmental degradation  as well as time they spent with family. Sara found that Canadians place more importance on mental health such as balancing family and work affairs. Sara did this research work under Laura’s supervision.  Read the interview editorial by clicking here.

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