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Do elderly prefer depot to curbside?

June 11, 2012

Peter Tsigaris and Dana Taylor (M.Sc. in Environmental Science program graduate) learned that their paper entitled “Elderly and their Valuation of the Convenience of Curbside Recycling” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability.

Recycling Bins Kamloops

Kamloops Recycling Depot

The research originated from Dana’s thesis which was guided by Peter Tsigaris. The paper examines the willingness to pay of the elderly for curbside recycling programs in three small cities. For the elderly that do not have curbside but have access to the depots there was an overwhelming vote against change to curbside recycling. These findings bring into light the importance of the convenience, and the price, of the curbside recycling system, for younger households relative to the older demographic.

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