Thompson Rivers University

Anti-Discrimination Response Training: bystander intervention and active witnessing

Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 12 p.m. on the second floor of OLARA in ARA 222 for the Intercultural Learning Speakers Series!

As part of the Intercultural Learning Speakers Series, this highly interactive and experiential learning-based workshop is designed to:

  • Help participants move from awareness to action and transform passive bystanders into active and ethical witnesses.
  • Engage participants in practicing active witnessing skills in various situations.
  • Create space to share stories and learn from each other to promote mutual respect and support in our communities.

What you can expect by attending:

  • Learn about and practice the Active Witnessing Model.
  • Review over 100 sample responses under four categories (responding to the offender, victim or receiver, co-witness and others) varying in intensity and directness.
  • Acquire concrete and practical skills for addressing various types of discrimination, racism, bullying, micro-aggression verbal and non-verbal displays of prejudice and disrespect in various settings.

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