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Day of Giving raised $50K for students, programs

  Posted on: November 27, 2020

Students celebrate Day of Giving

WolfPack men's soccer athletes helped promote Day of Giving on Nov. 5

72 donors. $50,390 raised. 140 percent of goal reached!

All in, TRU’s Day of Giving raised $50,390 in November, surpassing the goal to raise $36,000 in 36 hours. Donors—including alumni, long-time supporters and new contributors—chose from a variety of funds to make their donation during the fundraiser, held Nov. 5 and 6.

The fourth annual event kicked off differently this year, but still garnered community support. Despite cancelling the TRU Foundation Breakfast, which typically launches the Day of Giving, organizers were blown away by the generosity and expressed gratitude for the giving community of the Thompson-Nicola.  

“The pandemic has affected so many people; we knew going into it that some folks weren’t going to be able to give. We just thought if we could get the message out to those fortunate, that were in a position to donate, we wanted them to know that we’re working to support as many students as we could during this time,” Diana Major, director of development for Annual Giving, told the TRU Omega.

Donors gave generously to various bursaries and scholarships across the university; WolfPack 50, which funds awards for student-athletes; Women in Trades programming; Indigenous Education Bursaries; and more. All donations contributed to TRU’s Limitless campaign to raise $50 million. 

Here’s what donors had to say:

“Bursaries assisted me when I attended TRU and ensure future generations can complete valuable learning.”

Bronwen Pakka, alumna

“We need to invest in future generations to keep this community AMAZING!”

Tina Matthew, executive director, Office of Indigenous Education

“I support TRU because our future is in the hands of TRU students. What we give now will come back to us in the form of competent, knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners in all disciplines and occupations, from plumbing to nursing. And with health care so much in focus right now, a contribution is guaranteed to make a difference.”

Dawn Mackenzie, Seasons Health Therapies-BC Interior

“I support TRU because educational opportunities are beneficial to individuals and beneficial to the communities in which those educated individuals live!”

Karie Ghering, Windsor Plywood Kamloops

“I support TRU because education is the societal foundation in which all great communities are built upon. TRU has been integral to the growth of my local community and my own personal development.”

Jordan Hirschmiller, co-chair of the TRU Alumni and Friends Association

“I support TRU because I feel that it is vitally important that we help support youth prepare for the future of work combined with supporting our local communities. We value our longstanding partnership with TRU and the important work they deliver in partnership with our community. We have been excited to partner with TRU by supporting several programs including the Women in Trades Group, student bursaries and our co-op programs.”

Dave Maurer, RBC

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