Thompson Rivers University

Ten projects awarded research funding

April 1, 2019

Congratulations to the 10 researchers who received 2019 Internal Research Fund awards. The fund provides a maximum of $100,000 annually to support research with the principle aim of scaffolding faculty development, especially in terms of tenure and promotion. Those awarded are:

Faculty of Science
  • Mohamed Tawhid, “Artificial Algae Algorithm combined with chaos for solving nonlinear systems and global optimization problems.”
  • Lingling Jin, “Simulation of transposable elements activity throughout evolution.”
  • Louis Gosselin, “Protein content of an invasive freshwater crustacean and its usefulness for nutrition of trout in hatcheries.”
  • Haytham El Miligi, “Fileless malware detection using machine learning.”
  • Alvine Boaye Belle, “Estimating and predicting technical debt.”
  • Waleed Ejaz, “Internet of Things Platform for Transparency and Traceability of Food Supply Chain.”
  • Mark Rakobowchuk, “Assessing how inhibiting platelets may negatively impact blood vessel repair and adaptations to exercise training.”
Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Mahtab Nazemi, “New Directions for Equity in STEM education: Learning from Decolonization, Critical Race Theory, and Queer Studies.”
  • Oleksandr Kondrashov, “Availability of information on services for disabled students: Content analysis of the 4 of U15 Group accessibility websites.”
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Iain Stewart-Patterson, “Localized Dynamic Loading in Advanced Snowmobile Manoeuvers.”

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