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Slaying the Job Fair fashion game

February 21, 2019

Third-year BBA student Melody Tagarira explains how to slay the fashion game.

Third-year BBA student and Economics major Melody Tagarira is currently on her second co-op work term as an Events and Marketing assistant. She always wondered how other students heard about info sessions or job fairs. It wasn’t until she decided to invest in her future by joining co-op that she discovered a whole new world of information and events.

We’ve all heard the expression “first impressions make lasting impressions.”  It’s not an exact science, and sure, you could attempt a dazzling second impression in a Met Gala ball gown, so it’s never too late. (Still, if you can get ‘em at first go, that is certainly ideal.)

To calm those first impression jitters, there is one thing that is 100% within your control. Your ‘slay’ game!

Now, as defined by the urban dictionary, “slaying” the fashion game is: ‘when someone looks impressively put together.’ UD also describes slaying as ‘looking fresh’ or ‘on point.’

Being on point isn’t just about clean, crisp clothing, looking fresh is all about proper hygiene. Freshly washed hair, clean nails, trimmed facial hair and limited fragrance. Pair that with newly laundered, ironed clothes – bonus points for shined shoes! Not only will you look good, you will feel good, and that confidence will impress potential employers.

The day before I started my co-op work term, I was deeply conflicted about my first-day-in-the-office apparel. I wanted to embody strength, structure and experience, with an invigorating splash of glamour. Professional, but in a luxuriously chic – just stepped off a CEO’s helicopter – kind of way. (Let’s all laugh together…okay that’s enough).

Even with a closet full of clothes, every outfit combination failed. It was either over the top or not quite right. All my pieces seemed to be a perfect ten or a measly zero with no in-betweens to be found. In the end, I settled for simple yet sassy: black slacks, a turquoise blazer, and black and white polka dot blouse. I looked capable and stylish, and above all, I felt comfortable.

When it comes to my style, my mantra is “go big or go home” (unless I’m going for class). I’m forever drawn to simple but sophisticated looks, and I’m inspired by my mother who looks like a million bucks every minute of every day.

No matter what your budget is, you can look sharp and chic. It’s all about the tailoring! Buy a secondhand dress or jacket (upcycling is so hot right now), and have it taken in if need be.  Building structure into your look ensures your posture is straight, and you carry yourself with confidence.

In this blog, I will show you how you can level up and rock your first /next co-op work term or professional role. For those of you who just got summer co-op jobs- this is dedicated to you. Print it off, frame it, and put it on your closet.  Prepare to be enlightened, my fabulous friends.

Casual Chic

Clean, crisp and down to earth.  
Denim is perfectly acceptable, but stick to dark washes. Pair open toe shoes, ankle boots or heels. A Lush and cozy sweater are perfect for a chilly day. A t-shirt with a blazer or bomber works well too.
Business Casual

Fresh, chic and confident. Rock your next job interview in this attire.
Pair a short-sleeved top with a cardigan, skirt or trousers as well as open toe shoes. Dresses with tights and ankle boots are instantly upgraded by a structured coat. (If a skirt and cardigan combo give you grandma vibes, jeans, a blouse and a blazer works well with heels).
Executive Casual

Professional vibes without being stuffy.
Think bright colors and luxurious fabrics. A fashionable jumpsuit with heels. Dark denim paired with an ankle or knee-high boot and a chic blazer.
Traditional Business Attire.

The more you want to inspire client confidence, the more tailored and conservative you should look. 
Suit. If you are looking to invest in your first suit ever, you can’t go wrong with a navy-blue suit. It works for all occasions. Shoes and belt must match. A silk pocket square is a nice touch.

Add stockings and close-toed shoes. Wear a belt over a blazer. Add a jewel tone color under a grey or black suit.
Boardroom Attire.

Tailored Conservative - formal but allows for a pop of personality
Suit jacket with trousers or pencil skirts. Tie a colorful silk scarf around your neck or add a bold statement necklace.
Beware the fashion don’ts!
• ripped jeans

• workout clothes

• cold shoulder or cutout blouses

• night club looks, no see-through fabric or mesh


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