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Sparkes Notes: Fitting fitness into your daily routine

February 13, 2019

Co-op student Amy Sparkes shares her favorite tips for fitting fitness into her busy schedule.

Amy Sparkes is in her third year of her BBA program with a focus in Marketing and Communications, and is currently working as a Communications Coordinator Co-op for the Faculty of Student Development. She is using her experience at TRU to help other students take advantage of everything student life.

With a busy student schedule, classes all day, studying all night, and socializing on the weekends, when is there time to get any exercise? It may seem impossible to set aside time from your busy schedule for a grueling hour at the gym, but here’s the good news, you don’t have to! You can make small changes in your day-to-day life to fit in some fun activities that will keep you active and social.

A great start to fitting exercise into your week is to make a fitness schedule, and stick to it. The first step is making your goal realistic, so that it doesn’t too much time away from your studies or your chill time. This will be different for everybody, so make a schedule that works for you. “New year, new me,” motivation may have you attending the gym every single day, but as the semester picks up and your free time slowly slips away, it may be hard to keep up with this. Setting an unrealistic goal for yourself can hold you back from doing anything at all. So don’t push yourself too far, and don’t let exercise be a chore, make it fun! This can be a great time to catch up with friends and de-stress from the week together.

1. Break a sweat between classes. TRU Recreation offers everything from boot camps to yoga classes at the TRU Old Gym. The best part? Classes are FREE. So if you’ve been wanting to give a new type of workout a try, TRU Recreation classes is a great way to do it. The yoga class is my personal favorite, perfect for everyone from beginner to expert! The next class that I plan to try out is Zumba, who doesn’t want to dance away that extra helping of cheesy macaroni? Classes are held throughout the week at varying times of the day, so find a couple that fit your schedule and make them a regular part of each week.

2.The best kind of cliffhanger. One of my favorite ways to get active and stay warm indoors, is to go climbing at Cliffside Climbing Gym. With the TRU student discount, a membership at Cliffside Climbing is affordable, and it gives you the freedom to drop in anytime for a quick climbing session in between classes or for a few hours in the evening. A membership pass comes with free rental for all the gear you will need, so no need to worry about the extra cost of climbing shoes or chalk bags. If you’re not ready to buy a membership but want to give climbing a try, drop in on Sunday evening’s for TRU Night, and receive 25% off drop in rates and rentals.

3. Stretch & de-stress. Yoga is my favorite way to let go of the week’s stress and start the weekend off right. No Limits Fitness & Hot Yoga, offers drop in hot yoga classes every Friday night for only $5, and it’s great for all levels from beginner to expert. Student membership passes at Kamloops Hot Yoga are a great way to attend unlimited classes each month.

4. Take a hike. One of the best parts of living in Kamloops is the great accessibility to many different hikes. Peterson Creek Park and Kenna Cartwright Park are two great places to hike, right here in town. Each of these parks has over 30 kilometers of trails to explore, so you can check out a new trail with each visit. If you want to get a bit farther out of town, Hike Kamloops is a great place to find different hikes, read reviews, and get directions to lots of different trail heads. This site will even show you the length and difficulty of each hike so you can choose the right one for you and be prepared before you go.

5. Snow big deal. Night Skiing at Harper Mountain is a great way to get outside and have fun. Whether you’re giving skiing a try for the first time, or a long time pro, there is room for all activity levels. If you’ve got your own gear you can ski from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm for only $20 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry, they also offer Ski and Board Rentals at affordable rates.

6. The world is a gym. Making small changes to your day-to-day routine can make a big difference. Increasing your step count could be as easy as parking at the furthest parking lot, or leaving the car at home and walking to school (just think of all the money you’d save). Fill the time between classes by walking the long way to get a few more steps in, or drop some squats with your backpack on, jog up the stairs, and skip the elevator whenever possible. All of these little tricks may seem small and insignificant, but you will see just how much they add up.

There are a million ways to get active, without breaking the bank account. Even though those cold winter months are the hardest times to exercise, it’s when you need it the most.  Physical activity not only boosts moods, increases productivity and decreases depression, it can strengthen your immune system, raise your metabolism and keep your weight regulated. Use these tips to stay active, healthy and make those new year’s resolutions count.

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