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2018 Merit and Long-Term Service Awards

  Posted on: April 26, 2018

Merit Awards 2018 Group Photo

Winners of the 2018 President's Merit Awards, from left to right: Dr. Iain Stewart-Patterson, Cliff Robinson, Joanne Brown, Dr. Chris Hunt, Vera Merkusheva, Dr. Nancy Flood, Dr. Patricia Neufeld, Dr. Warveni Jap and Glenn Read.

Hundreds of colleagues and supporters flooded the Mountain Room on April 19, 2018, for the President’s Annual Merit and Long-Term Service Awards. Gathered to celebrate this year’s nine outstanding award recipients and recognize 185 faculty and staff members for their long-term service, Provost Dr. Christine L. Bovis-Cnossen emceed the afternoon while President Alan Shaver and Board of Governors Chair Jim Thomson presented the awards.

The 2018 Merit Award recipients are as follows:

TRU Master Teacher Award

TRU annually recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates long-term career achievements in teaching, pedagogy and the promotion of good teaching. Nominees must be faculty members currently employed on a full-time or part-time basis in any of our faculties or schools.

Master Teacher Award - Nancy Flood

Dr. Nancy Flood, Faculty of Science

Nancy is a senior lecturer in Biological Sciences who has been inspiring students in courses and field schools since 1992. Her ability to excite students has influenced their career choices and success as scientists and teachers. Many found her editorial expertise critical in enabling them to publish their theses. Dedicated to mentorship, Nancy has been a long-time advisor to the Biology Undergraduate Society and coordinator of the Biology Honours program. Mentoring too in the scholarship of teaching and learning, she has worked to build a community of scholarly teachers, and most recently co-authored Place-Based Education: An Inter and Multidisciplinary Approach. Her leadership on the academic integrity committee has made TRU a model of best practice across Canada.

TRU Teaching Excellence Award

TRU annually recognizes up to three faculty members who represent the best qualities of teachers, in and out of the classroom. Nominees may be full-time, part-time or sessional faculty and must have taught at TRU for five continuous years.

Teaching Excellence Award - Warveni Jap

Dr. Warveni Jap, School of Business and Economics

Warveni is an assistant professor in Marketing and International Business and has been a driving force in making curriculum more international and globally aware since joining TRU in 2002. She was a critical player in developing the Master of Business Administration program both face-to-face and online, and the Bachelor of Business Administration’s international business major, minor and post-baccalaureate. She’s a passionate educator and strong advocate of international learning opportunities, gifted in her ability to integrate a wealth of global experience into lessons. Warveni has completed teaching assignments at TRU’s partner institutions in China and has been an invaluable resource for many international students, providing educational resources and encouraging class participation and networking.

Teaching Excellence Award - Patricia Neufeld

Dr. Patricia Neufeld, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Pat is a professor in both Education and Social Work who has been instrumental in developing TRU’s Master of Education program and mentoring its students since joining the university in 2009. Students describe her teaching as refreshing, modern and reflective, and her knowledge of course material and its practical application provide them a fuller understanding. Always accessible and supportive, she actively engages in coordinating relevant internships and supporting graduates. She developed an international partnership with the University of Education, Heidelberg, enriching learning with international perspectives and opportunities abroad. Pat is a self-described lifelong learner, challenging students to think critically and integrating their feedback into the curriculum.

Teaching Excellence Award - Iain Stewart-Patterson

Dr. Iain Stewart-Patterson, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Iain has been a faculty member with Adventure Studies since joining TRU in 1992 and has been a passionate educator since 1979. One of very few fully-certified ACMG Mountain Guides to complete a PhD, he’s an internationally acclaimed researcher in human factors affecting expert decision-making. With decades of guiding expeditions under his belt from some of Canada’s top outfits, students relate to the real-life experiences he lends course curriculum. His classes are famous for creative approaches fostering student participation and deeper understandings. Iain is known for his open-door policy and has inspired countless young mountain guides to join the ranks.

TRU Excellence in Scholarship Award

TRU annually recognizes a faculty member whose research, scholarly activity or production of creative works represents a significant contribution to the field of inquiry. Nominees must be full-time faculty members who have worked at TRU for at least five continuous years and have not received the award within the past five years.

Excellence in Scholarship Award - Chris Hunt

Dr. Chris Hunt, Faculty of Law

Chris is an associate professor in TRU Law who joined the faculty in 2012 after completing his PhD in Law at Cambridge University. A leading scholar in privacy law, he has published peer-reviewed articles in leading law reviews nationally and abroad, and is working on his third book. He co-founded the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law at TRU in 2013, and is co-editor-in-chief. He was recognized with the 2013 David Watson Memorial Award for two articles in the Queen’s Law Journal that made a significant contribution to legal scholarship, and has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. A committed mentor, Chris has supervised directed research projects and worked with students to co-publish in top-quality law reviews. Read more about Dr. Chris Hunt

TRU Distinguished Service Award

TRU annually recognizes up to five individuals who demonstrate outstanding abilities and contributions, drawn from all employee groups: two support staff, one faculty member, one Open Learning faculty member and one administration member. Nominees may be full-time or part-time employees and must have worked at TRU for five continuous years.

Distinguished Service Award - Glenn Read

Glenn Read (Administration), Ancillary Services

Glenn is executive director of Athletics, Recreation and Ancillary Services and joined TRU in 2007. His compassionate leadership style spans various departments where service excellence and innovation are paramount, and where he collaborates with TRU’s sustainability office to ensure ancillary services are meeting or exceeding the university’s goals. He has increased and diversified food options, extending hours and adding more dietary options. Glenn is passionate about student success and providing opportunities for student employment across ancillary departments. In the past five years, students have received over $2.3 million in wages to help fund their education, and Glenn also implemented a textbook rental program and introduced e-books to the Bookstore to reduce costs.

Distinguished Service Award - Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson (Faculty), Faculty of Student Development

Cliff has served TRU and the wider community as counsellor, leader and volunteer since 2005. His contributions to the health and wellbeing of students are profound. He has shared his caring and expertise tirelessly with colleagues and students at the Residence; with supplemental learning leaders, Writing Centre tutors and Aboriginal mentors; on faculty council and other TRU committees; and as president of the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops. He is a founding member of TRU’s interdisciplinary Behaviour Intervention Team. With humour and his signature civility, he synthesizes contradictory views and focuses his colleagues on identifying what’s best for students. Cliff makes himself available at all times to students in crisis.

Distinguished Service Award - Joanne Brown

Joanne Brown (Support Staff), Faculty of Student Development

Joanne has been the supervisor of services for Aboriginal students since 2004. For many years, she was the sole staff person dedicated to supporting prospective and ongoing Aboriginal students—walking alongside them, as she describes it. Joanne initiated many of the key features that make Cplul’kw’ten a home away from home, and established partnerships in the community. Later, she nurtured the growth of the services team, advocating to establish TRU as a place where Aboriginal students could see themselves reflected in the staff and faculty. With warmth, wisdom and non-judgmental guidance, Joanne has skillfully steered the TRU community toward forgiveness, understanding and inclusivity.

Vera Merkusheva (Support Staff), Information Technology Services

Vera has worked on the Enterprise Systems team as a software analyst since 2010. A dedicated and empathetic colleague working quietly behind the scenes, she has contributed to several mission-critical projects over the years, with significant results. She designed, championed and implemented an innovative replacement for the former myTRU portal, providing an easier-to-use, efficient and more cost-effective option for accessing TRU services that has received kudos from students and faculty. Her diligence on the single-sign-on project and the TRU Go app have improved services the entire TRU community uses on a daily basis. Vera goes the extra mile for others each day, and will now tackle a new challenge as web and internet services coordinator.

President’s Annual Long-Term Service Awards

TRU recognizes the contributions of its employees with 10 through 40 years of long-term service with a series of service award pins.

40 Years of Service (since 1978)

  • Elaine Tattrie, Finance

35 Years of Service 2018 Photo

35 Years of Service (since 1983)

  • Rob Anderson, School of Business and Economics
  • Bernadette Harris, Open Learning
  • Les Matthews, Faculty of Science
  • John O’Brien, Open Learning

30 Years of Service 2018 Group Photo

30 Years of Service (since 1988)

  • Wayne Babinchuk, Faculty of Science
  • Lorne Bellamy, Faculty of Arts
  • Alfie Butt, School of Trades and Technology
  • Nina Chernoff, School of Business and Economics
  • Derek Cook, Faculty of Arts
  • Raymond Folvik, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Wayne Hendry, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Deborah Huber, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Darlene Kalynka, Faculty of Arts
  • Debora Marchant, Open Learning
  • Brenda McGregor, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Anita Penner, University Library
  • Dan Thompson, School of Business and Economics
  • Keith Whitmore, Open Learning
  • Lena Whitmore, Enrolment Services and University Registrar

25 Years of Service 2018 Group Photo

25 Years of Service (since 1993)

  • Daniel Bissonnette, Faculty of Science
  • Julie Bowser, Continuing Studies
  • Rolf Demale, Facilities Services
  • Ivan Desjardins, School of Business and Economics
  • Gordon Down, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Don Ferguson, Faculty of Science
  • Tom Friedman, Faculty of Arts
  • Michael Gorman, Faculty of Arts
  • Penny Haggarty, University Library
  • Brian Heise, Faculty of Science
  • Wendy Krauza, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Mary Kruger, Open Learning
  • Leona Lang, Continuing Studies
  • Genevieve Later, Faculty of Arts
  • John Marasigan, Open Learning
  • Randy Matter, Ancillary Services
  • Linda McAbee, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Jeff McLaughlin, Faculty of Arts
  • Carey Miggins, School of Trades and Technology
  • Elizabeth Reimer, Faculty of Arts
  • John Salvatore, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Michael Sansome, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Gord Setka, Facilities Services
  • Teresa Torchia, Faculty of Law
  • Peter Tsigaris, School of Business and Economics

20 Years of Service 2018 Group Photo

20 Years of Service (since 1998)

  • Fran De Vries, Ancillary Services
  • Angie Douglas, Finance
  • Josey Fischer, Faculty of Arts
  • Mona Hall, Open Learning
  • Dallas Ingram, Continuing Studies
  • Kimberley Johnstone, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Mila Kwiatkowska, Faculty of Science
  • Lisa Lake, School of Business and Economics
  • Eileen Leier, Faculty of Arts
  • Leslie Matthews, TRU World
  • Erin McCarthy, Faculty of Student Development
  • Dianne Miszkurka, TRU World
  • Kevin O’Neil, Faculty of Science
  • Christine Petersen, Faculty of Science
  • Robin Reid, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Sherri Ressler, School of Nursing
  • Joanne Rosvick, Faculty of Science
  • Susie Russo, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Kathy Senft, Finance
  • Wanda Story, School of Business and Economics
  • Shawn Thompson, Faculty of Arts
  • Tom Waldichuk, Faculty of Arts
  • Margaret West, Enrolment Services and University Registrar

15 Years of Service 2018 Group Photo

15 Years of Service (since 2003)

  • Eric Agyekum, Open Learning
  • Terryl Atkins, Faculty of Arts
  • Tasha Baker, Faculty of Student Development
  • Pat Barringer, School of Trades and Technology
  • Jason Bermiller, Faculty of Arts
  • Veronica Boughton, Faculty of Arts
  • Richard Brewster, Faculty of Science
  • Stephen Butt, Ancillary Services
  • Nancy Carson, School of Business and Economics
  • Brian Cassell, Faculty of Arts
  • Joe Dobson, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Melvin Doherty, School of Trades and Technology
  • Michael Finch, School of Trades and Technology
  • Laura Ford, School of Nursing
  • Shahriar Hasan, Open Learning
  • Percy Hebert, Open Learning
  • Roman Hessel, Facilities Services
  • Richard King, Faculty of Science
  • Sherri King, TRU World
  • Ernie Kroeger, Faculty of Arts
  • Cameron Lindsay, Facilities Services
  • Michael Looney, Open Learning
  • Jonathan Mackintosh, Ancillary Services
  • Nelaine Mora-Diez, Faculty of Science
  • Sheldan Myers, Faculty of Science
  • Susan O’Connor, Open Learning
  • Shawn Read, Faculty of Student Development
  • Carly Royer, Faculty of Student Development
  • Vicky Smith, TRU World
  • Peter Soberlak, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Deborah Sproull, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Saskia Stinson, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Debbie Thomson, School of Trades and Technology
  • Jonathan Van Hamme, Faculty of Science
  • Yaying Zhang, Faculty of Arts

10 Years of Service 2018 Group Photo

10 Years of Service (since 2008)

  • Christopher Adams, Regional Centres – 100 Mile House
  • Sofi Almers, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Anthony Bell, School of Business and Economics
  • Kelvin Booth, Faculty of Arts
  • Allen Boyda, Information Technology Services
  • Paul Bradbury, Open Learning
  • Dawne Bringeland, Open Learning
  • Sharon Burchart, Human Resources
  • Juan Caldera-Noriega, Open Learning
  • Tanis Carmichael, Finance
  • Judith Chomitz, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • John Church, Faculty of Science
  • Rhea Clements, Continuing Studies
  • Clint Cochrane, Facilities Services
  • Billy Collins, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Debra Cousineau, TRU World
  • Sandra Coyston, Open Learning
  • Bart Cummins, Marketing and Communications
  • Richard Duguay, Open Learning
  • Maxine Gaye Dunkley, Faculty of Law
  • Meg Durvin, Faculty of Student Development
  • Kimberly Eichhorn, Finance
  • Gladys Elliott, Finance
  • Suzanne Feldberg, Faculty of Science
  • Joanne Fennell, Open Learning
  • Sean Finucane, Open Learning
  • Boyd Fischer, Information Technology Services
  • Lisa Fiset, Finance
  • Rosalind Flockhart, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Nancy Gale, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Mary Gordon, School of Nursing
  • Kristen Hamilton, Integrated Planning and Effectiveness
  • Laura Helfrich, Finance
  • Melody Hessing, Open Learning
  • Janet Hildebrandt, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Robyn Hollas, Ancillary Services
  • Lorain Hupman, Faculty of Science
  • Lorna Hutchinson, TRU World
  • David Johnson, Open Learning
  • Denise King, School of Business and Economics
  • Shaun King, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Shana Kushniruk, Open Learning
  • Jennifer Leibel, Office of VP Administration and Finance
  • Kristina Lidster, Human Resources
  • Duncan Low, Open Learning
  • Jack Massalski, Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Gerald Matus, Human Resources
  • Sean Mauricio, Open Learning
  • Rhonda McCreight, School of Nursing
  • Tinille McKenzie-Wyatt, Faculty of Science
  • Debbie McNichol, Human Resources
  • Nicole Merritt, Finance
  • Chris Miller, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Johanna Norman, Finance
  • Julie Orobko, Finance
  • Catherine Ortner, Faculty of Arts
  • Satwinder Paul, School of Trades and Technology
  • Larry Phillips, Human Resources and Planning
  • Ron Polischuk, Open Learning
  • J. Randolph Radney, Faculty of Arts
  • Andrea Rhodes, Information Technology Services
  • Sheila Rice, Open Learning
  • Arlana Sale, Finance
  • Sandy Scarff, Human Resources
  • Kathleen Scherf, Faculty of Arts
  • Melissa Schuurman, Open Learning
  • Brianna Senner, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Fina Sirianni, Human Resources
  • Carol Smith, Open Learning
  • Shannon Smyrl, Faculty of Arts
  • Carolyn Teare, Open Learning
  • Russ Turner, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
  • Trina Valin, Enrolment Services and University Registrar
  • Robert Van Leeve, Human Resources
  • Tracy Vickers, Open Learning
  • Catherine Waddell, TRU World
  • Kristin Webb, Enrolment Services and University Registrar

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