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Write here, right now

  Posted on: October 13, 2016

Jenna works with students in the Writing Centre

The challenge for all writers is the agonizing art of translating thoughts into a coherent text. It made sense inside your head, but suddenly you’re staring at the blank page or computer screen.

Where do I start? How should it end? It’s been five minutes since I checked my Instagram…I should probably post a picture of the blank page (#writersblock), before going back to task.

Sound familiar?

Procrastination is a classic saboteur to student success.  Is it a sign of disinterest? Possibly. It could also be a lack of confidence, the fear of failure—or simply, the feeling of inadequacy when it comes to laying down a structured cohesive outline that blossoms into an articulate A+ essay.

If the written word is a reflection of our knowledge base—how can we ensure that our compelling argument is expressed well?

Welcome to the Writing Centre.  With Jenna Goddard as Writing Centre Coordinator, the Centre is a safe space for all students to “take a nap on the couch, make some tea, use the resources.” And of course—get help, support and assistance from peer tutors, community volunteers and staff.

Jenna relishes the full circle growth of Writing Centre participants—watching them evolve from students into tutors and mentors.  “The best tutors have struggled in the past with their own work—and are able to share their lessons”, says Jenna.

With one-on-one tutoring, students can work on specific assignments, receive feedback and develop writing skills. Need an ear to brainstorm or a fresh eye on revised drafts?  Whether it’s an issue with higher order concerns like thesis building, organization, transitions and structure, or in regards to punctuation, grammar, clarity and flow— they’ve got you covered.

“People work in so many different ways”, says Jenna. “Our focus is to guide students based on their own individual needs.”

Jenna continues, “what amazes me most, is not just the support for students—but how it changes the tutors. Helping others makes them feel valued and important.”

Jenna recalls one tutor’s remark: “I don’t fit anywhere on campus—but here at the Writing Centre—I have found my place amongst all you nerds.” She laughs at the memory; Jenna’s mission to host a “warm and welcoming” environment makes a letter-perfect place to learn.  

The Writing Centre is located in Old Main 2674. To make an appointment or search for handy tips please visit the website or call 250-371-5689.