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Rodocker wins BC Law Society gold medal

  Posted on: June 8, 2016

Cole Rodocker, Juris Doctor 2016

Cole Rodocker, Juris Doctor 2016

Cole Rodocker is the recipient of the 2016 Law Society of British Columbia gold medal, an achievement that recognizes the top graduating law student at each BC law school with the highest cumulative GPA.

Rodocker will be presented with his medal at the law convocation ceremony on Friday, June 10 at 2pm.

In addition to his academic pursuits and achievements, Rodocker participated in numerous projects and events such as the Legal Information Service and as an editor of the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law.

On being awarded the top honor, Rodocker offers a proud yet humble response, highlighting the dedication of the entire law class.

“I always remind myself of just how hard all of the students worked during their time at TRU Law. We have mothers, fathers, business people, legal clinicians, researchers, advocates and more. The gold medal to me doesn’t represent being the smartest, it represents setting a goal and working a bit harder to learn more every day. I feel fortunate to win but I know any one of the students could be in my place.”

Rodocker originally hails from White Rock, BC, and completed a BA in English at UBC-O in Kelowna, BC. He says he was excited when he heard about the new law school on the block in 2011.

“When TRU Law opened, I knew I could be a part of a new program that would provide me with interesting challenges and opportunities. I decided to take the path less travelled and couldn’t be happier. On top of teaching us the theory, the faculty prepares students for real life and helps develop our collegiality, teamwork and networking skills so we can thrive in any size firm or market.”

Other fond memories point to the unique benefits of attending a smaller institution.

“Some of my favorite memories are seemingly the most mundane. Bumping into my professors at the grocery store and getting to know other students who are now some of my closest friends have been just as influential on me as the legal education I received.”

Rodocker is the first TRU graduate to obtain an articling position with the national firm Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP in Vancouver. Other future plans include being actively engaged as a TRU alumni, hopefully with alumni mentorship events at TRU and in Vancouver.

“Giving back to law students and the institution itself is extremely important to me. I look forward to coming back in the near future.”