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University brand an invitation to Find Your TRU

  Posted on: February 25, 2016

Thompson Rivers University revealed its new brand today, including a brand strategy, launch campaign, comprehensive visual identity and tagline.

Nearly two years in the making, the new brand articulates what makes the Kamloops-based university distinctive, meaningful and credible. More than 1,000 individual responses and 6,000 comments were gathered during a year of consultation.

“Our brand advances TRU’s strategies and priorities and will solidify our strong and distinct reputation,” said Alan Shaver, TRU president and vice-chancellor. “It will reinforce the unique value of the TRU educational experience for current and future students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors and community and government stakeholders. It will infuse everything we do.”

Lucille Gnanasihamany

Lucille Gnanasihamany, AVP Marketing and Communications

Lucille Gnanasihamany, associate vice-president, TRU marketing and communications, said, “We don’t ‘own’ our brand; our brand belongs to those we serve, who form their own perceptions about who TRU is. However, our new brand strategy will empower staff and faculty to shape the brand, by keeping it top of mind in how we interact and communicate with all our audiences—both those who already know us as well as those we’d like to know.”

Brand strategy

External audiences will recognize TRU’s brand through elements like colour, font, style and tone. Internally, the brand strategy articulates TRU’s reason for being, its unique offerings, how it delivers on its promise, and defining characteristics by which its audiences will describe TRU:

  • Purpose: we believe everyone has the right to seek their potential
  • Promise: we offer diverse pathways to living your potential
  • Essence: we instill collective confidence
  • Attributes: we are purposeful, empowering, collaborative, open and visionary

New financial awards announced

During the brand launch on Student Street, five TRU Potential Awards were announced. The entrance awards are open to anyone who plans to study at TRU on campus, through Open Learning, or both. Five new students will each will receive $4,000 to help them find their TRU potential.

New tagline

The new tagline, Find Your TRU, evokes the values of authenticity, integrity and truth associated with the word “true”—and is something TRU can claim and represent as no other can, because of its initials.

Will Creative, based in Vancouver, was chosen from several marketing agencies who bid on the branding project in 2014. With a strong track record in Canadian post-secondary branding, Will helped develop a brand strategy, concept and applications to set TRU apart from other post-secondary institutions.

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Lucille Gnanasihamany
Associate Vice-President
TRU Marketing and Communications