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Culinary partners with local business to offer apprentice pilot

January 26, 2016

Earls restaurant kitchen staff are participating in a pilot project between the restaurant and Culinary Arts. The partnership is allowing the Earls staff to work towards Level 1 cook trainining certification.

A new Cook Workplace Apprenticeship program enables students to work toward their Apprenticeship Level I certification while remaining employed in Kamloops.

“The program design and delivery is new but we’ve been working on it for over a year,” said Ed Walker, chair of Culinary Arts. “It’s flexible in its delivery method and it’s beneficial for students because they can remain employed while completing the program.”

The 180-hour apprenticeship will run two evenings per week over 15 weeks instead of the traditional five days per week for six weeks, to make it easier for students to work and attend school simultaneously.

The program is a pilot partnership with Earls Restaurant in Kamloops. Owner Stephen Faraday believes the apprenticeship will benefit the culinary arts skill development of his employees as well as improving safety and employee retention. He will send 16 employees through the program.

Upon completing the Apprenticeship Level 1 program, students may seek Apprenticeship Level II and III certification and will be able to graduate as Red Seal Chefs.

“We are looking at this program as a true partnership with a key business, and business sector, in our community,” said Rob Hood, dean of the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism. “The students share a passion for food that they will explore and exercise during the course.”

Walker and Faraday see this as a contribution to professionalism in the field and welcome other restaurant employers in Kamloops to consider the program in the future.

For more info on the Cook Workplace Apprentice program contact either of these instructors:
Kim Johnstone
Jeff Jordan
Mark Perry

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