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Agreement with Mexican university expands global network

June 26, 2015

Addressing the audience is Baihua Chadwick, Associate Vice President, International and Chief Executive Officer, TRU World Global Operations.

Thompson Rivers University has expanded its global network of institutional partners with its first formalized agreement with a Mexican state university.

The agreement with Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero (UAGRO) in Mexico opens potential for both universities in several areas, including joint research, training and management projects, as well as academic programs (double degrees, 2+2 models, and visiting student programs).

Baihua Chadwick, Associate Vice President, International and Chief Executive Officer, TRU World Global Operations and Dr. Javier Saldaña Almazán, Rector, UAGRO took part in the signing ceremony on Tuesday, June 16, in Acapulco.

“We will begin a new chapter for both universities starting this summer when the first group of five students from UAGRO will arrive at TRU,” said Chadwick. “We’ll be looking at the potential for pathway and visiting student agreements, faculty exchange and broader scientific, technical, and educational collaboration.”

UAGRO has 60,000 students, including seven high schools with 35,000 students and provides funding for 2,000 students to study overseas each year.

“This agreement is an historic moment in the advancement of UAGRO’s internationalization process,” noted Almazán.

UAGRO’s campuses are located throughout the State of Guerrero, Mexico: Chilpancingo, Acapulco, Taxco, Iguala, Tixtla, Ometepec and Ciudad Altamirano among others. Established in 1960, UAGRO has 34 undergrad and 29 graduate programs in the fields of agricultural sciences, health, natural, social and administrative, education and humanities, and engineering.

The agreement also creates more opportunities for UAGRO students to study abroad through the Mexican Federal Government’s Proyecto 10000 program, which provides funding for 10,000 Mexican students to study internationally in English speaking countries.

In addition to Proyecto 10000, TRU will also be receiving students through Gobierno del Estado de Mexico, another scholarship program allowing Mexican students an opportunity to study internationally.

A recent visit of UAGRO representatives to the TRU campus included a chance to tour the Gathering Place. Sharing similar percentages of First Nations and indigenous students, (TRU 11% and UAGRO 15%), the delegates are working to implement what they observed at TRU into their own service model for indigenous students.


The June 16 signing was attended by over 100 educators from the State of Guerrero, as well as a significant local media contingent. Also in attendance was Jorge Campos, a major celebrity in Mexico. Jorge is from Guerrero, and was the superstar goaltender of the Mexican National Soccer Team. Jorge is a fervent supporter of Thompson Rivers University, and sponsors an annual scholarship for Mexican students to study at TRU in Kamloops.

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