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Free online textbooks for Economics courses from Flat World Knowledge!

July 4, 2012

Worried about educational costs rising? Textbooks being too expensive? Want to save some money for your students? Check out Flat World Knowledge!

All you have to do is visit Flat World Knowledge and select an economics textbook. You can find textbooks on principles of economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, international trade, international finance, macro theory with application, micro theory with applications and a textbook on managerial economics. Textbooks are from expert authors and reviewed by peers. You can also custom design your own textbook! Finally, there are teaching supplements as well !

Check out an article by CBS Money watch: Flat World Knowledge: A Disruptive Business Model

Some quotes taken from the Flat World Knowledge follow:

“The licensing agreement with Flat World Knowledge serves as a model for how academic institutions and innovative publishers can partner to solve critical higher education issues.”
Keith Miller, Virginia State University

“Flat World is providing necessary innovation that could make the open textbook movement more viable and lead to other fundamental changes in the textbook market.”
Mark Nelson, National Association of College Stores

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