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2016 Merit and Staff Awards

  Posted on: April 21, 2016

Years of Service 35 years (began work in 1981)

Diana Holland, Open Learning Division
Frances Paski, Open Learning Division
John Patterson, Open Learning Division
Edie Wan, Open Learning Division

30 years

30 years of service 2016

30 years of service 2016.

Tom Dorval, Faculty of Science
Gaily Lyons, Faculty of Student Development
Phyllis Norris, Open Learning Division
Ernest Phillips, School of Trades and Technology
David Scheffel, Faculty of Arts
Colin Taylor, Faculty of Science

25 years

25 years of service 2016

25 years of service 2016.

Barbara Bearman, Williams Lake Division
Linda Butt, Office of AVP Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar
Christina Cederlof. Faculty of Education and Social Work
Janine Chan, Faculty of Science
Nadine Cornell, Faculty of Science
Michael Crawford, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Bruce Crofoot, Faculty of Science
James Dupuis, University Library
Nancy Flood, Faculty of Science
Kathryn Harrison, Ancillary Services
Gary Hunt, Faculty of Student Development
Melissa Jakubec, Open Learning Division
Bruce Jenkins, Williams Lake Division
George Johnson, Faculty of Arts
Derek Knox, Open Learning Division
Darrell Laird, Faculty of Arts
Grant Larson, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Sheila McColman, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
Chris Morgan, Open Learning Division
Sandee Mott, Faculty of Law
Rory Read, Information Technology Services
Kevin Scollon, School of Trades and Technology
Karen Simon, Williams Lake Division
Ronald Smith, Open Learning Division
Katherine Sutherland, Office of the Provost and VP Academic
Gordon Tarzwell, Open Learning Division
Cindi Thompson, TRU World
Heather Wisla, School of Business and Economics
Kin Wong, Faculty of Science
Roger Yu, Faculty of Science

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