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Top tips for successful networking at Job Fair

January 24, 2024

Several years ago, when Jordyn Gronskei, then a second-year communications student, enrolled in Co-op 1000, she hoped the course would prepare her for the future. She learned how to create a well-made resume and a slick LinkedIn profile, and participated in mock interviews to polish her persona.

She also learned about Job Fair 2017 and was inspired to attend. “It was exciting to see what was out there in the world,” Gronskei says.

Now an events assistant with Career and Experiential Learning, she is supporting the planning for Job Fair 2024, slated for Thursday, Feb. 1. She shares some of her key insights to help current students and recent graduates prepare for this annual event.

Jordyn Gronskei scored an interview through Job Fair and spent a summer with some interesting colleagues.

Dress for success but still be yourself: Gronskei opted for business casual, wearing black dress pants with her favourite blazer and a good pair of Doc Martens. She accessorized with a portfolio full of freshly printed resumes.

Don’t rush this networking experience: When you first cross the Job Fair threshold, the magnitude might seem intimidating. “There are employers and students everywhere, and sometimes a booth would be crowded. But I had carved out time for this, so I kept walking around and looking for opportunities to connect with every employer I could.”

Step outside your scope: “You never know what positions companies are hiring for,” Gronskei said. “I learned so much and made some incredible contacts meeting with different representatives.”

Job Fair isn’t just for graduates: While Job Fair does connect the nearly or recently graduated to full-time post-graduate careers, seasonal and part-time jobs are available so you can balance work with study. Gronskei was thrilled to see so many options and found her connection with Monte Creek Winery to be the most memorable. Gronskei was invited to the winery for a job interview a few weeks later.

“It took a lot of pressure off in the interview because I met with them before at the Job Fair. The interviewers also mentioned that getting to chat with me at that networking event was why they invited me for an interview.”

Gronskei joined the team as a summer student at Monte Creek Winery. “I spent time serving and doing wine tastings, and since I was going to school for event management, they put me on some shifts that included wedding planning and set up.” She also was ‘head honcho’ when wrangling up escaped goats, which was a unique opportunity to build her resume (and have a perfect icebreaker for future networking events).

Job Fair takes place on Thursday, Feb. 1. Learn more about Career and Experiential Learning at

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