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TRU alumni, how amazing are you?

November 1, 2023

What do an Olympian, a premier and a biomolecular scientist have in common? They are all TRU alumni and they are all seriously amazing! But they aren’t the only ones.

“With over 100,000 alumni worldwide, it can be a challenge for TRU Alumni to give every one of our seriously amazing alumni the love and recognition they deserve, so we are launching the Our alumni are seriously amazing video and contest to highlight some of the incredible people doing incredible things,” says Dustin McIntyre, TRU Alumni manager.

From Nov. 1-22, alumni are encouraged to broadcast their own success stories on social media and enter the TRU Alumni department’s seriously amazing giveaway. Along with broadcasting their amazing success stories, alumni have an opportunity to win fabulous prizes. Winners will be contacted via email on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Watch the video:

TRU Alumni Seriously Amazing

Share your alumni success story and enter the giveaway:

TRU Alumni, Seriously Amazing Survey (

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