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Kamloops Innovation finds new home at TRU campus

August 14, 2023

KAMLOOPS – Later this month, the Kamloops Innovation Centre (KIC) moves from its North Shore location since 2012 to TRU’s Kamloops campus. A small amount of office space has been secured on the top floor of the Clock Tower and is a close distance to the already existing TRU Generator, an on-campus accelerator jointly operated by TRU and Kamloops Innovation to support students, faculty, staff and alumni with mentorship, workshops and events.

“Our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni will benefit even more greatly with Kamloops Innovation being located on the Kamloops campus,” said Mike Henry, dean of the Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics.

“The move strengthens our partnership with Kamloops Innovation and ultimately brings more support and resources to our campus community.”

Kamloops Innovation support includes entrepreneurial-minded students and faculty members who want to be best support those students. The centre also connects faculty members with emerging technologies and innovations to support their research.

“Being centrally located on TRU’s Kamloops campus is a great fit for Kamloops Innovation since over 80 per cent of the people we work with are connected to TRU,” said Kamloops Innovation Centre Executive Director Michael Andrews.

“Our close proximity to the innovative ideas and the faculties that can benefit will increase the opportunities for new partnerships in innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Kamloops Innovation Centre is one of 11 accelerators as part of Innovate BC’s Venture Acceleration program.

“The support we receive from a province-wide network of partners and entrepreneurs will directly benefit those with the innovative ideas and the researchers who can benefit from them,” Henry said.



Michael Andrews, Executive Director
Kamloops Innovation Centre

Mike Henry, Dean of the Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics
Thompson Rivers University


About Kamloops Innovation Centre

Since 2012 Kamloops innovation has been bringing innovation and technology support to North Thompson and South Cariboo businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations. We drive innovation and support the development and application of technology in our region.

More and more the economies in our communities rely on the successful adoption of technology. It is required for innovation, competitiveness, reaching new markets and growing regional and rural economies in BC.


About TRU Generator

Operated by Thompson Rivers University and Kamloops Innovation Centre Society, TRU Generator is the on-campus accelerator supporting students, faculty, staff and alumni with mentorship, workshops and events, and a space at Thompson Rivers University in the basement of the Brown Family House of Learning.