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TRU seeks local host families for international students

April 25, 2023

Students from eight countries spend their summer at TRU in the Language and Culture Program.

KAMLOOPS – Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is looking for 60 families to host students for two to four weeks this July and August. These students will participate in International Training Centre classes and activities, explore the Kamloops community and leave with great memories of their experiences in Canada.

The Homestay Program gives international students a chance to experience Canadian culture and improve their language skills by staying with a local family during their time at TRU. Homestay families offer a welcoming and safe environment, which is essential to the students’ learning experience and cultural immersion.

“The Homestay Program allows students to immerse themselves in the Kamloops community as an added opportunity to expand their intercultural and language learning. This multi-layered learning approach empowers students to grow their horizons and embrace new experiences,” said Baihua Chadwick, Vice-President International.

In July and August, students between 14 and 19 years old will be visiting from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Ghana, Peru and Colombia. They participate in a four-week Language and Culture Program, with courses in language studies, intercultural workshops, organized activities around the Kamloops area and electives on topics like sustainability, STEM and leadership. Students will be busy learning and participating in these exciting activities from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Homestay families receive a weekly stipend of up to $250 per week to cover room and board, and have ongoing support from TRU World’s homestay team. Families also get to learn about different cultures and build long-lasting relationships with their students.

As homestay hosts, families are asked to provide breakfast, lunch and cooked dinners for the students. Additionally, they are expected to pick up and drop off students at the airport and TRU at the beginning and end of the program, as well as transporting students daily during the program if there is no nearby bus route. Students are given a bus pass for their time in Kamloops, but families may be asked to bring the students to campus for an extra weekend activity.

Homestay hosts are encouraged to share their city with students on weekends through sightseeing or local activities if time allows. This is a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for students and hosts while fostering cultural exchange and understanding in the community.

The program is open to families with spare rooms interested in welcoming students from diverse backgrounds. TRU is accepting applications from interested families now.

For more information or to apply to become a homestay family, interested families can request more information via the form, and the homestay team will respond within 48 hours.



Michele Young, Manager, Communications Content
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