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Top student credits hard work for success

February 14, 2023

Jake Truscott, a recent graduate of TRU Gaglardi, earned the Top Student Award for the MEEM/MScEEM programs 2021/22.

Jake Truscott, a recent graduate of the Master of Science in Environmental Economics and Management (MScEEM) program with the Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics, clinched the Top MScEEM/MEEM Student Award for 2021/22.

During his program, Truscott achieved a high GPA, completed a carbon assessment report for Monte Creek Winery and co-authored a research article with one of his faculty members. The secret to his success? Hard work.

“When life gives you another chance, make the most of it,” says Truscott. “I’m glad that in my master’s program I gave it my all.”

Truscott’s journey with TRU goes back to 2013. Prior to his master’s program, he did a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a double major in marketing and new venture. After finishing his BBA in 2018, Truscott took a two-year break from studies. He worked as a marketing and sales manager for a door-to-door organization, then with a local security company. Entering the workforce not only made Truscott realize his potential, but also changed his outlook toward education.

“Back then, I never pushed myself to excel in academics,” he recalls. “Going into the workforce challenged me to do more and set the tone for my master’s degree. I began to value education more.”

Truscott especially values the environmental aspect of his learnings. During his program, he did a carbon assessment report for Monte Creek Winery wherein he helped the company track its emissions. Along similar environmental lines, another highlight of his master’s program was a study on the value of Kenna Cartwright Nature Park to the residents of Kamloops.

“Before pursuing MScEEM, I didn’t know much about emission targets or their significance for companies in today’s world,” says Truscott. “The benefit of doing the MScEEM program is you end up carrying an environmental mindset wherever you go.”

When asked what advice he would pass on to students, Truscott suggests working hard and spending more time on what needs to be done.

“As soon as a class is over, go through your notes and readings. You will be able to absorb information better,” he says. “Also, the amount of effort that you put into something is what you will eventually get back.”

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