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Law professors publish new book on digital privacy

January 28, 2022

Associate Professors Chris Hunt and Robert Diab have published a new book: The Last Frontier: Digital Privacy and the Charter.

Featuring 11 essays written by many of Canada’s leading privacy scholars, the book examines emerging privacy issues across a range of contexts, including a reconsideration of the Supreme Court of Canada’s approach to s. 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, privacy interests arising in the Criminal Code’s voyeurism provisions, privacy in civil discovery and privacy and its relationship to access to justice.

Other essays tackle privacy implications for familial DNA searches and for the tracking and tracing regimes related to COVID-19, and the use of complainant records in sexual assault trials.

Taken together, the collection offers a valuable source of analysis and insight into major developments in privacy law that have emerged over the past decade and will likely influence these debates for years to come.

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