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TRU welcomes Arts gap-year students with orientation

August 13, 2019

KAMLOOPS–Students who take time off between high school and post-secondary education have a higher rate of attrition than other students. Thompson Rivers University is trying to reduce that rate by holding a one-day orientation for gap-year students studying in the Faculty of Arts.

Gap-year students are generally older than students entering straight from high school. They might not know anyone on campus, or have forgotten their study habits, or are uncertain about how to find help. Sometimes they don’t develop a strong sense of belonging to a student group, or aren’t aware of all the services available, said Mark Wallin, associate dean of arts, curriculum development.

“We wanted to be sure we were offering them as many opportunities as possible to feel engaged with their education before they get started,” he said.

The one-day orientation is being held on Tuesday, Aug. 27, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We want to offer these students a sense of who they are as a group, to identify other people in similar situations, and give them a day filled with tools and resources to make sure they can be successful,” said Wallin. “We’ve identified that these students have a unique need.”

The orientation, a separate event held in addition to the traditional student orientation on Sept. 3, includes peer advice from senior gap-year students and faculty members, a resource rundown and a discussion about the significance and power of the arts.

There is still time for gap-year students to sign up (although sooner is better than later), by contacting Mark Wallin at the information below.

Media and gap-year student contact:

Mark Wallin, associate dean of arts, curriculum development
Faculty of Arts
250-371-5769 |