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Investing in opportunity and adventure

January 16, 2019

Rajeev Kapoor, an International Student with career sights set on business and/or politics, tells study-abroad curious students: “Don’t fear the cost; consider the value. This kind of opportunity is truly priceless.”

When the Student Life team met Rajeev Kapoor, they were filming a segment for a Student Services video. He approached the shoot with a big smile on his face and asked, “How do I get in on this?”

Later on that day, Raj was starring in a film shoot. He approached an exciting, yet potentially intimidating situation with gusto and then had an once-in-a-lifetime experience, which was thrilling to the Student Life crew. Afterward, he noted with a laugh, “Standing on the sidelines is no way to experience campus life.”

Rajeev encourages other international students to seek all the possibilities and opportunities available to them during their time at TRU. “You’ve come so far from home—you need to seek independence, be open to other cultures and characters. Ask questions. Be courteous. Understand context. Have an open heart.”

To Rajeev, stepping out of his comfort zone is an essential life skill. “I want to have my perceptions of the world to be challenged. I’m open to change.”

A member of the Modern Marketing Association and Santa Claus Parade participant recently returned from a seven-week long Study Abroad excursion at the Kyung Hee University Summer Program in South Korea. After his adventures, he went to India to reconnect with family and spent time in China before returning to his studies in Kamloops.

International mobility officer Heather Wisla said, “Rajeev was truly a joy to work with. His enthusiasm for Study Abroad, education, and life in general is absolutely contagious. Rajeev is a great example of someone who will leave TRU with no regrets, having followed his dreams to study abroad, and expanding his network of contacts throughout the world!”

Heather encouraged Rajeev to shoot for a full-semester exchange in the near future. “Our team will support him throughout his academic journey, no matter where it takes him in the world–as we have nearly 70 bilateral partners and access to almost 300 more programs through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).”

Bursting with enthusiasm from the recent experience, Rajeev said, “TRU gave me the opportunity–and I want to give back by sharing my story.”

After interacting with students from 75 different countries through ISEP activities–he reflected on the shared challenges and commonalities of this diverse crew. “We are united by our shared humanity and can educate each other through our cultural and geographical differences to achieve a higher understanding of the world. We need to be open to adjusting ourselves to meet others where they are at.”

Majoring in finance, Rajeev’s sights are set on a career in business and politics. His next adventure is moving into the co-op program for summer 2019. “I’m particularly interested in the world of banking. It’s not just about dollars and cents; it’s about relationships. It’s about investing in people.”

What does he recommend to study-abroad curious students? “Don’t fear the cost; consider the value. This kind of opportunity is truly priceless.”

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