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Clark brings female adventure film festival to TRU

  Posted on: January 14, 2019

No Man's Land Film Festival photo.

This time, it’s the dudettes’ turn to take centre stage on the big screen.

That’s because one TRU Adventure Studies student put in the hard work to bring the No Man’s Land Film Festival to the TRU Clock Tower on Jan. 24.

“I had this marketing opportunity through my work study program to bring something to the school and I thought that No Man’s Land does a great job supporting women and girls in the adventure industry,” said Riley Clark, a second-year student in the Adventure Studies program. “I wanted to build the community, have the opportunity to gain new experiences, inspire women and girls in the area and see where it takes me.”

Photo courtesy of No Man’s Land Film Festival

Initiated in 2014, the festival was designed to promote female participation in outdoor sport through filming some of the gender’s gnarliest adventures. Although the film features women only, boys and men of all ages are more than welcome to attend and support the festival’s mission.

Now, for the first time in Kamloops, the festival hopes to inspire women located around some of the epic outdoor settings in Canada.

“We at No Man’s Land Film Festival are thrilled to be hosted at another university event,” said the festival tour director and event co-ordinator Kathy Karlo. “We strongly believe in getting these films and our mission in front of a younger audience.”

The Adventure Studies program isn’t defined by students leading guides up and down mountains, or by smashing a group of thrill-seeking rafters through the Sabre Tooth Rapids; it has many different layers.  

“The program offers many streams within the guiding industry. From education, to therapy, law, rescue, photography, travel and marketing, Adventure Studies has it all,” said Clark, a Kamloops local. “I think that outdoor adventures are a great way to enrich our lives. They expose us to new skills and can take us to the edge of our comfort zone, which promotes personal growth both physically and emotionally. I’m not sure which direction I’ll take just yet, the opportunities offered are endless.”

Wanting to bring some sort of film to campus, Clark got the ball rolling in August when she reached out to the Colorado-based group. Once class opened, her professors directed her to the necessary resources to pull off such an event.

Doors open at 6 p.m., with the show starting a half hour later. The movie combines 12 different films of chicks doing the raddest moves on the boldest terrain. Many of the women featured in the picture have careers and families outside of the sport, portraying the strength they have balancing everything in their life.

“At No Man’s Land, we aim to redefine feminine in adventure, sport, culture and conservation through film,” said Karlo. “No Man’s Land is proud and excited to be at the forefront of this movement and we are looking forward to inspiring future generations to shift the paradigm in the outdoor industry.”

Plenty of tickets are still available and can be purchased for $5 at the Cliffside Climbing Gym, the Adventure Studies office, by contacting Clark via email, on Eventbrite, at the TRU AdventureU Club website or at the front door of the event if there are any left. Clark is very thankful for the TRU Student’s Union and the AdventureU Club their their support of this event.