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Scholarship winner Floen combines service, science and music

October 22, 2018

Tyler Floen: mathematician, musician and TRU Trailblazer.

They are community builders, athletes, volunteers and scholars. In our TRU Trailblazers series, we’re profiling some of our 2018 major entrance scholarship winners. Get ready to meet some of the newest members of the TRU community who are ready to make their own path.

Tyler Floen is one of two recent recipients of the $30,000 Alvin and Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship. The 2018 South Kamloops Secondary graduate is known for his exemplary leadership, community service, academics and music. When he isn’t in class, working, or giving back to his community, you might find Floen writing music, jamming, recording, or performing at local venues with his band, rocking the drums and guitar.

A helping hand to his community

Knowing that Floen likes to jam on stage, you might be surprised to hear he’s quiet about his accomplishments, including his community service. Yet, Floen’s volunteering was wide-ranging and significant. While in high school, he planned and participated in many school programs, including supporting grade eight students as they transitioned from elementary to high school life. Floen was involved in numerous clubs and projects that positively impacted both school and city communities, including making and delivering Christmas cards for pediatric patients at Royal Inland Hospital.

Outside of school, Floen has volunteered at a variety of events including officiating at track and field meets, serving at annual Kamloops Seniors’ events and dinners, and utilizing his Taekwondo Black Belt credential as a junior martial arts instructor.

At TRU, he plans on getting a bachelor degree in science. His mathematical inclination is apparent, as his favourite class is calculus.

“I’ve always liked puzzles, and the way that I see math is like a puzzle, you just have to put the pieces together.”

He used this love of math in high school to benefit others through peer tutoring, which he found to be both rewarding and fun as he has a passion for the subject.

“I really enjoy math, and volunteering as a peer tutor provided a great opportunity to help other students be successful and understand it as well.”

One of his most memorable experiences was volunteering at the BC Special Olympics assisting with dental health triage, education, and referrals for athletes living with cognitive challenges.  It was an amazing experience and he encourages others to search out similar opportunities that benefit people and communities.

“Sometimes when you sign up for things, you don’t really know what to expect, but when you go, you have fun, learn more about yourself and your community, and realize the opportunities that community service provides,” says Floen.

Although he has volunteered for years, Floen said joining isn’t always easy. But it is worth it.

“For me, I find it really easy to say ‘Oh I will do it next time,’ and you really never know what to expect when you sign up, but you won’t regret it and you will have a good time doing it”.

Firm ambitions bridge to success

Floen’s long-term goal is a career in medicine, specifically as a surgeon. He says his goal continues to motivate and maintain his commitment to excelling academically while giving back to his community.

“I’ve always wanted to be a physician, I hope one day to contribute to the health and wellbeing of others as a surgeon. My career goal is a big part of what motivates me to keep active within my community and do well in school,” says Floen, “I know if I keep working hard it will pay off in the future.”

Winning such a substantial scholarship makes focussing on studies easier for bright students like Floen, and he is excited for all that his future holds at TRU and beyond.

“I welcome the challenges and opportunities ahead of me.  I am ready to continue my journeys of education, meeting new people, experiencing new things, and exploring all that life has to offer.”

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