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SIT friendship stands the test of time

June 29, 2018

Happy anniversary.

TRU’s longstanding partnership with the Shanghai Institute of Technology turned 15 this year, making it one of TRU’s most successful international collaborations because of its direct and indirect impact to thousands of lives.

Through the agreement, more than 600 students have attained a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) double degree, which means they receive two separate credentials—one from SIT and one from TRU.

Referred to as double degree, co-curriculum program, students do the entire four years at SIT, with the first two years under a SIT curriculum and the third and fourth years under a TRU curriculum. During the four years, TRU faculty teach some of the courses. Students have the option to complete one year of study at TRU’s Kamloops campus.

“Every year for the past eight years I have been excited to celebrate our graduating students at the joint SIT-TRU Convocation here in Shanghai,” TRU President and Vice-Chancellor Alan Shaver said. “This year is especially important to me as it’s our 15th anniversary and also my last time here as TRU’s president. To the students and faculty of SIT, thank you for being part of TRU, and for allowing me to be a small part of your lives. Here’s to the next 15 years!”

In making the most of their degree, graduates have found work with Chinese companies, with international ones operating in China, or found employment abroad. These graduates are particularly sought after by multinational companies for their bilingual ability and their knowledge in both Chinese and Canadian business operations.

Said Associate Vice President, International and Chief Executive Officer, TRU World Global Operations, Baihua Chadwick, “Not too many years ago it was merely an idea to create this opportunity for Chinese students to have this double degree, and here we are 15 years later. We are very proud to have played an important role in the world by helping to produce more than 600 graduates. We make ideas a reality: That’s what we do at TRU World.”

An agreement of this significance takes time to plan and implement and Chadwick said two former TRU employees in particular deserve a long round of applause for their diligence and commitment: Former President and Vice-Chancellor Roger Barnsley and former Associate Vice-President International Cyndi McLeod.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the visionary leadership provided by Dr. Barnsley and Ms. McLeod,” said Chadwick. “Both frequently traveled to China and worked very closely with the leaders of SIT to set the foundation for this successful program.”

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