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TRU enters The Conversation

  Posted on: March 27, 2018

Impressed by its journalistic quality, its commitment to open access and its global reach, TRU is excited to partner with The Conversation Canada, directly connecting TRU researchers to its millions of monthly readers.

This exciting new partnership provides TRU faculty members with an opportunity to contribute their insights on topics of international importance, and in doing so, provide the public with greater understanding about some of society’s biggest challenges.

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“An essential component of the university’s research mission is the mobilization of knowledge, and I want to celebrate the voices of our researchers who are now entering into these global conversations,” said Dr. Will Garrett-Petts, Associate Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies.

“The Internet tends to fragment us as much as it unites, but a carefully curated conversation, like the one offered by The Conversation Canada, suggests a true moment of connection.”

“The diverse and meaningful research taking place at TRU every day holds the promise of potentially life-changing impacts for our province and our planet,” said Lucille Gnanasihamany, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications. “The opportunity to present our researchers’ work through a new channel like this is both exciting and essential to the university’s service mandate.”

The Conversation Canada is the sixth national edition of the global Conversation network. Since it launched in Australia in 2011, The Conversation has expanded to the UK, the US, France and Africa, as well as a global site.

This independent news publication delivers expertise from the academic and research community directly to the public. Only those currently employed as researchers or academics within university or research institutions may publish with The Conversation. A team of professional editors works with these experts to develop articles designed to appeal to large audiences and to be widely read. Undergraduate and graduate students may also publish if they are writing as a co-author with a current researcher or academic.

Currently, The Conversation site attracts 4.8 million users per month, and more than 22,000 media outlets around the world use content from The Conversation, including The Washington Post, Maclean’s, The Guardian and Time Magazine.

The Conversation Canada is very pleased Thompson Rivers University has become our latest member. We look forward to working with academics and researchers at TRU on a wide range of areas,” said Scott White, Editor, The Conversation Canada.

The Conversation Canada is a unique journalism model. Our editors work with academics to produce evidence-based analysis and explanatory journalism. Our content is viewed more than a million times each month, meaning articles from TRU authors will have access to national and international readers.”

Publishing with The Conversation, a webinar

When: Wednesday, March 28, 9 to 10 a.m.
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Details: This webinar features a peer-to-peer exchange to learn about:

  • How this new journalism model is a vehicle for knowledge mobilization
  • How to raise your profile and share expertise in Canada and beyond
  • How to reap the benefits of detailed publishing analytics

Are you a TRU faculty member interested in contributing to The Conversation Canada or learning more about the platform? Please contact Danna Bach, Communications Officer, Research and Graduate Studies, at for more information.