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Long Night Against Procrastination reignites academic spark

March 9, 2017

Catch up and get ahead at Long Night Against Procrastination.

Time flies—that’s hardly a secret. By this point in the semester, we’re often depleted, discouraged, suffering from writer’s block and feeling overwhelmed by our workload.  With so many upcoming quizzes, exams and assignments, it doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to complete everything.

Catch up or get ahead with TRU’s fifth Long Night Against Procrastination. Hosted by the Library and the Writing Centre, LNAP encourages community connectedness and good study practices in a positive and productive environment.

Rally up a team of classmates, wear comfortable pajamas and spend the night completing assignments in good company.  Students can take a break from working on assignments to attend the writing, research, or wellness-related workshops scheduled throughout the night. Additionally, Writing Centre tutors will be available to help students at any stage in the writing process until midnight.

Sustenance is key to successful studying and writing; coffee, snacks, and pizza will be on-hand, and a Survivor’s Breakfast will be available at 6 a.m.

Participants aren’t obligated to stay the entire night; you can pop by at 8 p.m, take in some workshops, enjoy some snacks and head home to get eight hours of sleep.  Night owls can turn up at midnight; early birds can arrive at 6 a.m to get a jumpstart on the day. Stay for a minute, an hour or settle in for the whole evening. The choice is yours.

A number of plausible options allows for proper management of health and wellness while engaging in this event.  Meaghan Hagerty, Wellness Centre Coordinator said, “Sleep is an essential component to well-being so experience LNAP at your own pace.”

Take advantage of the Wellness Centre’s mini-spa with brow threading and henna application or join one of the “Wake and Walks” to refocus. The Wellness Centre will be promoting resources and tips throughout the night. “Health matters. Our focus is to encourage and empower students to apply self-care on physical, emotional and academic levels,”   Meaghan said.

Students at the fall LNAP were a-buzz: exchanging ideas, editing papers and supporting each other as they clawed their way to the semester’s end. Following the morale-boosting event, that light at the end of the academic tunnel shone a little brighter than before.

Julia Wells, Student Success Librarian, said LNAP is one of her favorite nights of the academic year. “We’re acknowledging the reality that time is marching on,” Wells said. With the never-ending to-do list, the natural proclivity to panic under pressure and the possibility of achieving nothing, events like LNAP help you set individual goals, so you can leave feeling accomplished and energized.

Not only is it a night against procrastination, it’s a night against loneliness and isolation. Wells continued, “One international student asked if she could attend even though she was caught up on her assignments. She came to all the workshops, participated in all the activities—and had a great time. This event also helps foster an intercultural understanding and develops friendship connections.”

Writing Centre tutor Casey Hegalson said, “Rather than chastising students for unconventional study habits, LNAP organizers recognize the difficulties of balancing demanding, multi-faceted schedules. It works within this narrative, rather than against it, to facilitate success.”

Writing Centre Coordinator and event co-coordinator Jenna Goddard said, “The sense of comradery and community is what I enjoy most about LNAP.  That ‘we’re all in this together’ vibe is very affirming for students.”

Not only does LNAP provide opportunities to polish, prepare and complete assignments, the event reignites the academic spark that has diminished over the semester.

Long Night Against Procrastination: March 16, 2017 from 8:00 p.m. to March 17, 8:00 a.m. in the Main Library

Spaces are limited. Register online


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