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Clubs Day 2016 attracts hundreds

September 16, 2016

Clubs Day was a success, attracting at least half the available clubs to answer the questions of hundreds of students.

Armed with enthusiasm and curiosity, hundreds of students learned what campus clubs are available to them and which ones fit their interests.

Organized by TRU Students’ Union, the always-popular Clubs Day on Sept. 15 attracted about half of the nearly 100 groups in addition to a sprinkling of community clubs and service organizations.

Getting involved in a campus club is one way to connect with others while gaining valuable experience that could be included in a résumé. In some cases, club experiences can even count towards coursework and non-credit credentials.

Clubs Day photos

There are a variety of campus clubs, including academics, common interest, ethnicity, political, religious and community organizations.

On one of the more popular Clubs Days in recent memory, neither club members or visitors showed much fatigue under the blue sky and temperature of about 25 C.

Clubs Day typically shows signs of winding down at about 2 p.m.—about an hour before shutdown. But not on this day as the carnival-like atmosphere continued well past 2:30. Though some had cleared out by then because of other commitments, others were in conversations and it was obvious cleaning up would have to wait.

Next Clubs Day

Missed Clubs Day? One is typically held in January during the winter semester.

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