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What to Expect in a Writing Centre Appointment

  Posted on: February 2, 2016

by Jessica Messerer-Trosin

Here’s the situation: A professor or fellow student has recommended the Writing Centre, and after some deliberating, you’ve registered for an appointment.  You’re a little bit nervous because you don’t know what to expect, but you’re excited to be getting some help on your writing assignment. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your appointment:

  1. Ask questions

It’s a good idea to come to the appointment with some specific questions, e.g., how to do MLA citations, how to organize your essay, or how to use commas correctly. It’s likely that more questions will come up throughout the appointment, but it’s useful to have a starting point.

  1. Ask for clarification

If you’re not sure of something a tutor told you, ask for further clarification. Tutors want to help you learn how to become a better writer.

  1. Take notes and engage

For your sake, it’s beneficial for you to take notes of comments and suggestions made by your tutor. Circling or underling errors will be a good reminder for you to take a closer look at something again later.

  1. Ask for resources

There are a number of resources available as handouts in the Writing Centre. This information can be helpful for when you’re doing revisions on your own. Tutors can also recommend websites if you prefer.

  1. Bring your assignment outline

It’s helpful for tutors to see the assignment sheet provided by your professor. They might notice specific details about the requirements for the assignment that were overlooked.

Please remember that the tutors in the Writing Centre won’t edit your paper for you or correct every mistake. Instead, they’ll give you the information and knowledge you need to find mistakes on your own.

It’s great that you are meeting with a tutor to help you improve your writing skills. Make the most of your appointment by following the steps above.

Have fun writing!

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