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TRU Law degree accredited by Federation of Law Societies in Canada

June 5, 2014

Anne Pappas: Interim Dean, Faculty of Law

Anne Pappas, Interim Dean of Law.

The 71 law students graduating from Western Canada’s newest law school will hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) earned at a Canadian law school accredited by the Federation of Law Societies in Canada.

Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law received notice that the J.D. program has been approved by the National Approval Committee on Accreditation. This news comes ahead of the 2015 deadline for other Canadian law schools to receive accreditation.

This is truly good news for the class of 2014 who cross the convocation stage June 14, 2014. As graduates from TRU Law they will be accepted into the bar admissions process in Canada’s common law, law societies, and will not have to individually defend the rigor of their academic credential.  

“With preliminary approval granted when TRU law opened its doors in 2011, this announcement from the Federation of Law Societies in Canada confirms that TRU Law offers a J.D. Program that is nationally recognized and accredited,” says Anne N. Pappas, TRU Interim Dean of Law

The National Approval Committee is a standing committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and will be reviewing law programs at all Canadian Universities.

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Anne N. Pappas J.D.
TRU Interim Dean of Law

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