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  Posted on: December 6, 2012

Study Abroad Ambassador: Harry in France

Harry did a semester of Study Abroad in France and found the experience allowed him to check off a lot of firsts. Among the take-aways for him was taking care of his own travel details.

Learn more about taking a semester in another country during any of the Study Abroad informations sessions planned for the Winter 2013 semester. See below for schedule.

Where in the world can you go?

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Thursday, MARCH 28
10:30-12:30pm, International Building, IB 3037

Because more dates may be added or existing ones changed,
watch this space for more information.



Monday, JAN. 28
2:30-4:30pm, Panorama Room (International Building)

Tuesday, JAN. 29
4:30-6:30pm, Panorama Room (International Building)

Wednesday, JAN. 30
9:30-11:30am, Panorama Room (International Building)

Thursday, JAN. 31
1:30p-3:30pm,Panorama Room (International Building)

Wednesday, FEB. 6
11:30-1:30pm, Panorama Room (International Building)

Thursday, FEB. 7
9:30-11:30pm, Panorama Room (International Building)

Monday, FEB. 25
1:30-3pm, International Building, IB 3037

Tuesday, MARCH 5
2:30-4:30pm, International Building, IB 3037

Wednesday, MARCH 13
4:30-6:30pm, International Building, IB 3037

Friday, MARCH 22
11:30-1:30pm, International Building, IB 3037