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Event: Kindness Don’t Cost a Thing Week

April 3, 2012

March 26- 30

I had all of these big plans for a give-away filed ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week” this week…but sadly looking at my year-end budget availability, these grand plans needed some fine tuning.

So…after thinking about it I realized, that kindness is best when it is FREE! We don’t need to spend money to be kind, we can just “be” kind to ourselves and others!

So here is the “Brown Envelope Kindness Project” I challenge all of you to be a part of this week….

1. Employees – Randomly grab one of your brown inter-department envelopes and take a look at the names on it. You will be amazed at how long some of these envelopes have been in circulation! What actually got me thinking about this project a couple of months ago, was seeing Mel Galloway’s name on the top of one of my envelopes…when I first started working here in 2004 I moved into his old office! I have never even met the man, but how cool to see his name on the top of my envelope.Students – maybe check-out your address book or some of your friends on your facebook page that you never actually connect with and follow the instructions below!

2. Take a close look at the names on the envelope…do you recognize any names on there? When is the last time you talked to or saw some of the people on your envelope? Are there new people you have never even met?

3. Pick a name of one of the people – either someone you haven’t connected with for a long-time, or a new person you haven’t met yet, and make them your “kindness connection” this week.

4. Once you have picked your kindness connection…I can feel the anticipation…do something kind for them this week!! What about sending them a nice note in the actual envelope where you saw their name? What about picking up your phone to give them a call to tell them something you like about them or what you appreciate about them? What about meeting them for a coffee or a quick walk around campus? What about introducing yourself to someone new? Let them know that they are your kindness connection!

5. Bask in the wonderful energy you feel for helping make someone else’s day!

6. Send me an email to tell me what you did…that way I can share it with everyone!

TRU has so amazing people working and studying here who all deserve a little kindness and appreciation. As Gandhi sort said…”Be the kindness you want to see in the world”!

ps…Just be warned that kindness is contagious! It may cause smiling, hugs, laughter and good will. The Wellness Centre will absolutely be liable for any positive energy that may result from this project!

Thanks and have fun with this everyone!

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