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  Posted on: January 10, 2011


Free Weekly Yoga classes are one among many great ways to stay in shape

The Wellness Centre is announcing a host of fun and healthy activities to get back in shape after the winter break. It is recommended to start small by thinking about one program you can attend, or one change you can make in your life. Creating achievable goals will lead to a better chance of success.

Also, Chelsea Corsi, Coordinator of the TRU Wellness Centre, is looking for input for where to host their TRU “On the Move Wellness Challenge” this winter. Teams for the challenge should be put together as soon as possible, as the event is taking place on Monday, January 24th.

Here are some of the excellent wellness programs that are happening in January:

  • Weekly Free Yoga
  • Weekly Free Piloga (combining yoga and pilates)
  • Weekly Free Belly Dancing
  • Weekly Free Meditation
  • Weekly Free Minding What Matters – YOU!
  • International Days Foam Head Sculpture Art Project
  • Bounce Back: Reclaim Your Health 5-week Session
  • The Great Canadian Smoke-Out Challenge
  • TRU on the Move Wellness Challenge (Depart Mon. Jan. 24th)


Chelsea Corsi
Coordinator, TRU Wellness Centre
Tel: (250) 828-5010
Fax: (250) 371-5772