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Talk to the Experts: Every donation matters? You bet it doe$

  Posted on: December 11, 2017

Foundation Awards nursing students

Nursing students pose with the dean of the School of Nursing, Donna Murnaghan (middle, second row), during the 2017 Foundation Awards Ceremony on Nov. 2.


Because education has the power to change lives, TRU is continuously fundraising for student scholarships, bursaries, financial awards while also raising and money for buildings, equipment and research.

To shed some light on these and other matters around fundraising, TRU’s Director of Advancement, Karen Gamracy, stopped by Kamloops station Radio NL to chat with TRU Talk to the Experts host Paul Graham.

In the episode Gamracy discussed among other things:

  • Why online strategies made the TRUly United and the Day of Caring campaigns tremendous successes.
  • How including the nearly 60,000 Alumni to a greater degree made for a winning formula.
  • Why it’s important for students to meet donors during the annual Foundation Awards Ceremony.
  • Why buildings are more than just structures costing millions of dollars.

Of the two successful campaigns, Gamracy said, “That (donating online) proved to us that’s what people really want. You see these GoFundMe campaigns and how they work—so slick and easy. It was a really good learning experience for us. People do want to do things digitally and they do want to do things quick, so they can get on to the rest of the things in their lives.”

Foundation Awards 2017

Scotiabank award recipients and a representative from the bank (third from right).

More photos from the Foundation Awards Ceremony


What follows is the interview and for your listening convenience, it is split into five parts.
Part 1: 6:45TRUly United campaign explained, the campaign’s goals this year, TRU a driver for Kamloops, $36,000 in 36 hours


Part 2: 7:27Social media and email better way to reach people, Every Donation Matters, alumni’s role is growing


Part 3: 6:27Encouraging local high school students to attend TRU, donors connecting with students at Foundation Awards Ceremony, student recipients encouraged to send thank you cards


Part 4: 5:54Reasons for giving to student assistance, real-lift student example, student assistance removes barriers, new buildings, keeping grads in the region


Part 5: 3:54Updates on the Nursing and Health Population Building and the Industrial Training and Technology Centre, why new buildings and expanded programming is important to TRU and beyond, paving the way to engineering degrees


Fawcett Family Bursary recipients and donors.



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