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Abedin Abedin

Faculty of Science

My research is primarily focused on understanding how planetary systems form and evolve, in particular the solar system. That involves investigation of the dynamical evolution…

Space science, Solar systems

Andrew Fergus

School of Business & Economics

• Finding solutions to business and workplace issues through such areas as creativity and innovation, organizational development, leadership and managing change.

Organizational Behaviour/Human Resources

Amy McLay Paterson

University Library

I have an MA (SFU, 2008) in English Literature, specializing in Chaucer. I have an MLIS (Dalhousie, 2011) and have worked in both academic and…

Libraries/Archival Studies, Literature/Creative Writing

Annie St.John-Stark

Faculty of Arts

Continue to research historic experience of conflict, violence, and catastrophe, particularly to understand better the workings of memory in traumatic experience. As well, I anticipate…

Europe, History, Religion, History of PTSD, History of psychiatry, History of popular beliefs and superstition, History of soldier experience, British history, History of Religion

Anusha Venkataraman

Faculty of Science

My educational and professional background encompasses expertise in semiconductor devices, fabrication, molecular integrated circuit design, computational modelling of quantum-molecular electronic devices and related materials used…

Energy/Fuel, Nanotechnology, Physics, STEM, Technology

Brian Bouthillier

Faculty of Education & Social Work

My main areas of research have been songwriters and musical artists and the recording industry of the past 100 years.

Creative Arts, Education, Language/Linguistics, Literature/Creative Writing, Music/Theatre, Pop Culture

Bradford Morse

Faculty of Law

My research particularly concentrates upon a broad range of issues related to Indigenous rights in Canada and in other common law countries around the world.

Aboriginal Issues, Canadian Politics, Equity, Government/Democracy, Human Rights, Indigenous Politics, International Affairs/Geopolitics, Justice, Law, Natural Resources, Trade

Other areas of expertise:, Comparative Indigenous Rights, International Human Rights, International Indigenous Rights, New Zealand Politics, Governance, Legal System, Maori Rights, Australian Politics, Governance, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights, Native American Rights, US Federal Indian Law, Canadian Justice System and Access to Justice, Natural Resources

Bala Nikku

Faculty of Education and Social Work

I am interested in curiosity-driven and fun loaded and policy relevant-driven social work research that is powerful to bring positive changes in our lives and…

Asian Politics, Climate Change, Earthquakes, Education, Government/Democracy, Poverty, Urban Planning/Community Planning Water

Bonnie Fournier

School of Nursing

Engage with youth to address health and well-being

Creative Arts, Nursing, Public Health, Youth

Bruce Martin

School of Business and Economics

Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups, Social enterprise creation, design, and scaling, Entrepreneurship education, motivation and development.

Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour

Claudia Gonzalez

Faculty of Arts

My primary research aims are to provide further understanding of the factors that affect cognitive and visuomotor function across healthy aging populations and in disease…

Neuroscience/Cognitive Science, Cognitive Aging, Brain Imaging, Eye Tracking, Motor Control, Motor Behaviour, Vision Science, Kinesiology

Courtney Mason

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

I currently work in the following areas: 1) food security; 2) Indigenous health and education; 3) parks and protected areas; 4) tourism development; 5) physical…

Aboriginal Issues, Anthropology, Canadian History, Conservation, Food Science, Indigenous Politics Indigenous Education, Public Health, Rural Health, Sports/Exercise, Sustainability, Tourism, Youth

Catherine Ortner

Faculty of Arts

Emotion regulation. I study the methods people use to control their emotions, looking at both the predictors (why people choose to respond to emotionally evocative…

Emotion, Psychological Well-being

Carol Rees

Faculty of Education & Social Work

Supporting teachers and students in scientific inquiry practices and dialogic teaching.

Education, STEM, Teachers

Katie Sykes

Faculty of Law

My main area of interest is animals and the law. I also research the use of new technologies and innovation in the delivery of legal…


Darryl Carlyle-Moses

Faculty of Arts

My research goals are to better understand the influence ecosystem processes and climate have on the movement and storage of water within vegetated ecosystems, including…

Climate Change, Hydrology, Water, Weather, Climate Change, Hydrology, Water Weather

David Hill

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Hill's research, broadly, focuses on real-time environmental observation, forecasting and decision-support for adaptive management of environmental systems. He has explored remote sensing and data…

Civil Engineering, Environment, Hydrology, Natural Resources, Statistics STEM, Water

Dale Parkes

Faculty of Science

Determining cost-effective methods of constructing sustainable buildings. Reducing energy consumptions of buildings and integrating on-site renewable energy systems.

Architecture, Sustainability

Dipesh Prema

Faculty of Science

Synthetic organometallic/inorganic chemistry and catalysis; science and law; equity, diversity and inclusion in chemistry education; accessibility in chemistry education; use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)…

Chemistry, Diversity, Equity, Food Science, Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy, Science and Law, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility in Chemistry Education

Edward Howe

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Teacher education, comparative and international education, narrative inquiry

Education, STEM, Teachers

Ehsan Latif

School of Business and Economics

Health Economics, labor economics, economics of immigration

Economics, Health Care, Homelessness, Immigration, Labour, Obesity/Diet

Geoff Fink

Faculty of Science

Quadruped robots are increasingly used for a wide range of applications. They have remarkable agile capabilities; however, most are still remotely piloted because they lack…

Drones, Software engineering, Robotics

Gloria Ramirez

Faculty of Education and Social Work

• Identify effective assessment and teaching strategies to accelerate language and literacy development among diverse populations.• Identify effective and culturally sensitive approaches of intergenerational Indigenous…

Education, Language/Linguistics, Teachers

Other areas of expertise:, Reading development among diverse populations, Indigenous language revitalization, Dyslexia

Ginny Ratsoy

Faculty of Arts

Publishing in the areas of culture in Canadian small cities, third-age learning, alternative pedagogies, and Indigenous dramas.

Aging and Health, Indigenous Education, Literature/Creative Writing, Music/Theatre, Small Cities

Heidi Huttunen-Hennelly

Faculty of Science

Multi-drug resistant pathogens are a worldwide health concern. The discovery or synthesis of new antibiotics is a challenging task. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), often referred to…

Chemistry, Peptide structure, Protein structure, Structure-function relationship, Antimicrobial peptides

Heather Price

Faculty of Arts

My research is designed to facilitate children's (and other witness') participation in the justice system by better understanding how witnesses remember and report their experiences.…

Developmental/Behaviour, Justice, Law, Policing

Iain Stewart-Patterson

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

I have been involved in adventure education since 1979, and have worked for numerous outdoor adventure companies and organizations. I have taught in the adventure…

Education, adventure studies, avalanches, back country, snowmobiling, climbing, expert decision making

Jessica Allingham

Faculty of Science

I am an organic chemist with a specialization in radiochemistry, tracer development and medicinal chemistry. I am infatuated with the workings of the brain, drugs…

Aging and Health, Chemistry, Health Care, Rural Health, Sports/Exercise, STEM, Sustainability

Juanita-Dawne Bascu

School of Nursing

Dr. Bacsu’s research focuses on supporting healthy aging for older adults living with dementia in rural communities and will seek to improve the health equity…

Aging and Health, Dementia, Equity, Public Health, Rural Health, Population Health

John Belshaw

Open Learning

My research agenda currently focuses on the following threads: 1) The development and effective use of open textbooks and other Open Educational Resources (OERs). 2)…

History of: Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver, population and pandemics, labour, sites of mourning and cultures of death, cycling in Vancouver

Joseph Alexander Brown

Faculty of Science

Procedural content generation is a method for the automatic creation of game design elements. The goal is to provide developers with middleware tools to make…

Computers, Drones, Education, Evolution, Mathematics, Pop Culture, Russia, Statistics, STEM, Digital and analog games

Judy Duchscher

School of Nursing

I have spent 38 years in nursing and health care within both Canada and the United States, focusing on direct-care practice of the acutely ill…

Education, Nursing

Jenni Karl

Faculty of Arts

My long-term research goal is to determine how skilled hand and mouth movements are organized in the human brain. I am especially interested in how…

Children and Babies, Developmental/Behaviour, Kinesiology, Neuroscience/Cognitive Science

Jeff McLaughlin

Faculty of Arts

Writing in Pop Culture, Holocaust Studies, Applied Ethics

Ethics, Film/TV, Health Care, Justice, Pop Culture, Social Media

John O'Fee

School of Business and Economics

I teach commercial, employment and real estate law in the School of Business and Economics, as well as Real Estate Transactions in the TRU School…

Aboriginal Issues, Human Rights, Labour Law, Public Health, Real Estate, Rural Health, Urban Planning/Community Planning

Joyce O'Mahony

School of Nursing

Dr. Joyce O'Mahony has expertise in public health nursing practice, and immigrant and refugee women's community-based mental health care research. Her research program focuses on…

Diversity, Equity, Gender and Women's Studies, Health Care, Human Rights, Immigration, Postpartum Depression, Public Health, Race

Jabed Tomal

Faculty of Science

My research interest is in statistical machine learning, Bayesian statistical inference, and statistical ecology. The main focus of my research is in developing ensemble method…

Statistics, Data science

Jonathan Van Hamme

Faculty of Science

I am an environmental microbiologist with expertise in genomics, proteomics, enzymology, fermentation biotechnology, and bioinformatics. My group works on fundamental and applied research, mainly in…

Chemistry, Ecosystem Reclamation, Environment, Food Science, Genomics, Mining, Water

Joel Wood

School of Business and Economics

I am an economist with an interest in evaluating Canadian federal and provincial public policies with a specific focus on environmental policies.

Climate Change, Economics, Energy/Fuel, Environment, Natural Resource, Economics, Pollution, Sustainability

Karen Densky

Faculty of Education & Social Work

I'm interested in the impact of professional development for teachers and on the role of transformational pedagogy in professions that involve the development of a…

Education, Language/Linguistics, Teachers

Kingsley Donkor

Faculty of Science

My research focuses on developing rapid and sensitive analytical methods in capillary electrophoresis, chromatography, and mass spectrometry for the characterization of antimicrobial peptides, food, agricultural,…

Chemistry, Environment, Food Science

Other areas of expertise:, Chemometrics.

Karl Larsen

Faculty of Science

Ecology, conservation and management of wildlife. My students and I conduct research aimed at finding ways to maintain wildlife populations in the face of human…

Biology, Environment, Grassland Ecology

Kris McCleary

School of Business & Economics

Organizational Behaviour/Human Resources

Consulting, Project Management

Lorry-Ann Austin

Education and Social Work

Ms. Austin's research explores the nexus of media, education and politics in the reproduction of oppressive social and cultural practice. She aims to transform these…

Education, Elections/Public Opinions/Party Politics, Equity,Government/Democracy, Human Relationships, Human Rights, Journalism/Media Studies

Lauchlan Fraser

Faculty of Science

Research in the Fraser lab is focused on ecological restoration, biodiversity and climate change.

Biodiversity, Climate Change, Ecosystem Reclamation, Grassland Ecology, Invasive Species, Ranching

Louis Gosselin

Faculty of Science

My research explores the ecology of coastal marine animals, such as mussels, clams and crabs (marine invertebrates), and the impacts of climate change on coastal…

Biology, Climate change, Conservation, Environment, Fisheries/Fish, Oceans, Marine biology, Shellfish, Ecology

Laura Lamb

School of Business and Economics

Local economic issues, community economic development, public policy, payday loans and financial exclusion, charitable giving, volunteering, economics of aboriginal issues

Economics, Sustainability

Lucas Mol

Faculty of Science

My research is in combinatorics on words, an area that lies at the border of mathematics and theoretical computer science. I am primarily interested in…

Computers, Mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph theory, Theoretical computer science

Manu Sharma

Faculty of Education and Social Work

To contribute to Canadian urban education on social justice. To contribute to building a strong equity and critical thinking framework into higher education programs (e.g.…

Diversity, Education, Equity, Teachers

Other areas of expertise:, Social Justice.

Melba D'Souza

School of Nursing

My scholarly journey integrates the significance of health promotion, prevention, diversity, and technology among populations at high-risk of Prediabetes, New onset, and Diabetes Mellitus.

Aging and Health, Diversity, Education, Gender and Women's Studies, Health Care, Nursing Obesity/Diet

Mike Flannigan

Faculty of Science

Impacts of climate change on wildfires. Build an early warning system to manage wildfires

Climate Change, Forest Fires

Matti Haverila

School of Business and Economics

Customer satisfaction and loyalty; new product development; marketing of technology products; project management; cell phone feature preferences and consumer behavior

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Michael Mehta

Faculty of Arts

Describe your areas of expertise: Dr. Mehta specializes in environment and health risk issues and renewable energy.

Change, Energy/Fuel, Environment, Nanotechnology, Pollution, Sustainability

Other areas of expertise:, Renewable Energy, Air Pollution.

Mark Paetkau

Faculty of Science

I am interested in all research topics where physics meets other disciplines.


Mark Rakobowchuk

Faculty of Science

Cardiovascular physiology, exercise and extracellular vesicles

Aging and Health, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Sports/Exercise

Matt Reudink

Faculty of Science

I study the ecology and evolution of migratory birds, with an emphasis on sexual selection, mate choice, and ornamental plumage colouration. I also study population…

Birds, Biology, Conservation, Evolution

Monica Sanchez-Flores

Faculty of Arts

Conceptualizing race and racialization from a relational perspective. Contributing to developing a relational presentation of knowledge.

Multiculturalism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Other areas of expertise:, Relational Theory, Cosmopolitanism

Noah Arney

Faculty of Student Development

Students' understanding of their transferable skills and career development.

Career Development, Work-integrated Learning, Experiential Education

Naowarat Cheeptham

Faculty of Science

Dr. Cheeptham's research interest and focus has included cave microbiomes/new drug discovery, white-nose syndrome in bats, and alternative treatment tools against multidrug resistant infections. Dr.…


Natalie Clark

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Indigenous trauma and violence informed practice; trauma, violence and wellness; sexualized violence; intersectionality; girls groups

Aboriginal Issues Addiction, Education, Equity Ethics, Gender and Women's Studies, Health Care, Indigenous Education, Rural Health, Youth

Oleksandr Kondrashov

Faculty of Education & Social Work

Dr. Kondrashov's research interests and teaching focus includes current issues in social work education, remote teaching and learning, Canadian and comparative social policy, history and…

Canadian Politics, Education, Human Relationships, Human Rights, Immigration, Social Media

Other areas of expertise:, online education, remote teaching and learning, pandemic social work, international social work, community development.

Patrick Brouder

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Helping to make tourism more sustainable for the communities in which it occurs, especially rural and remote communities in Canada.

Ski resorts, Sustainability, Tourism, Rural development (Canada and Europe), Polar studies (Arctic and Antarctic)

Paul Clark

School of Business and Economics

Branding in higher education, developing through research projects expertise in cannabis branding and marketing.

Asian Politics, China, Government/Democracy, International Affairs/Geopolitics, International Trade, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Sustainability, Trade

Rick Brewster

Faculty of Science

The development and analysis of network algorithms through the interplay of computer science and mathematics.

Computers, Mathematics

Robert Chambers

Faculty of Law

Law of property, trusts, and unjust enrichment.


Raymond Cox

School of Business & Economics

• Current interests are stock price distributions conformity to the law of anomalous numbers (comparing a set of stock prices to see if they match…

Finance, Corporate Finance, Bank Failures, Bankruptcy, Business Cycles, Superstardom Theory

Ruby Dhand

Faculty of Law

Disability law, human rights law, mental health law (civil and forensic), health law, the impact of culture, race, ethnicity, gender and other intersectional factors upon…

Diversity, Education, Equity, Health Care, Human Rights, Justice, Law, Race, STEM

Robert Diab

Faculty of Law

Criminal law, civil liberties, and human rights, including access to and use of digital material in criminal law, national security, police powers, sentencing, and legal…

Human Rights, Justice, Law, Policing, Technology

Ryan Gauthier

Faculty of Law

I research sports law issues with a focus on governance, and the public interest.

Law, Human Rights

Robert Hanlon

Faculty of Arts

Research explores the links between corruption, human security and corporate social responsibility in emerging Asian economies.

Asian Politics, China, Human Rights Human Security, International Affairs/Geopolitics

Rob Higgins

Faculty of Science

Ant biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest, control of invasive ant species, entomology.

Biodiversity, Biology, Biodiversity Biology, Invasive Species

Robin Kleiv

Faculty of Science

Describe your areas of expertise: I am a theoretical particle physicist working on hadronic physics. I am currently working on research projects related to exotic…

Physics, Particle physics, Theoretical physics, Quantum physics, Relativity

Rod McCormick

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Indigenous health and health research, mental health, suicide prevention

Aboriginal Issues, Counselling Psychology, Indigenous Education, Suicide

Rebecca Sanford

Faculty of Education and Social Work

My research agenda aims to prevent suicide and help those impacted by suicide attempts and deaths.

Children and Babies, Counselling Psychology, Death/Dying, Developmental/Behaviour, Education, Equity, Homelessness Human Relationships, Human Rights, Statistics Suicide, Youth

Rochelle Stevenson

Faculty of Arts

My research focuses on the intersection of violence against women and violence against animals from multiple perspectives. I have conducted research with abusive men, and…

Animals and the Law, Gender and Women's Studies

Saira Bano

Faculty of Arts

South Asia, China-US relations, Middle East, Asian Politics, China, Human Rights, South Asia, Terrorism/Counterterrorism, United States

Sean Donlan

Faculty of Law

Elections/Public Opinions/Party Politics, History, Law

Sina Keshvadi

Faculty of Science

My research focuses on internet security and computer networks.

Computers, Computer networks, Internet security

Tina Block

Faculty of Arts

History of religion/irreligion in postwar Canada (1945-1980); secularization in Canada; social/cultural history of British Columbia and Canada; women's/gender history

Canadian History, Gender and Women's Studies, History, Religion

Victoria Handford

Faculty of Education and Social Work

I have completed a large study on school and district leadership, which is expanding into senior leadership teams at the JK-12 level. I am currently…


Wilson Bell

Faculty of Arts

I research and write extensively on the modern history of Russia, particularly related to Stalin/Stalinism, the Gulag, human rights issues, and the interplay between politics,…

Europe, Gender and Women's Studies, History, Human Rights, Justice, Labour, Russia

Yong Joo Kang

School of Business and Economics

Expertise in finance, in particular, asset pricing, derivatives, asset allocation, market microstructures, macro-finance, and monetary policy. Extensive industry experience in investment banking, portfolio management, and…

Asian Economies, Banking, Economics, Finance

Experts on current issues

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