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Thompson Rivers University celebrates 40 years of international education

July 4, 2023

Pictured left to right: David Chen (former international student advisor), Yoshie Ozawa (former student services supervisor), Dr. Charles Mossop (founder of TRU World), Vera Wojna (former director, TRU World) and Helen Chin (former international student advisor)

KAMLOOPS – This year, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) proudly celebrates 40 years of international excellence and innovation. Since the inception of Cariboo College’s international department in 1983, TRU has fostered a global connection and intercultural opportunities across campus and around the world.

As TRU World looks back on its legacy, there is pride in the thousands of students who have graduated from the university’s programs and positively impacted their communities around the globe. For many, the journey only starts at TRU. Many become Canadians, explore new places or build new ventures.

“TRU World’s legacy has been founded on building a diverse, innovative and community-minded environment for students from all perspectives and backgrounds to connect with the world and the TRU community,” said Baihua Chadwick, vice-president international.

A video created to celebrate the 40th anniversary captures a snapshot of the legacy and vision of international education at TRU through the lens of the man who started it all, Dr. Charles Mossop, along with Chadwick, alum Angela Adigo Achoba and current student Karla Campos.

Events throughout the year are open to students, staff, faculty, partners and community members. Discover more about TRU World’s 40th anniversary celebrations and TRU’s connection to the world.

In 1983, supported by the bold drive of (then soon-to-be-president) Jim Wright and inspired by the growing era of globalization, Charles Mossop wanted to introduce the world to TRU and TRU to the world.

“Persuade without pressure; correct without criticism; advocate without anger,” Mossop said.

TRU’s international community has grown enormously over these four decades. It started with small groups of students from Libya, Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico joining Cariboo College for English as a Second Language courses and college prep. It has expanded substantially through collaborative partnerships, best-in-class recruitment and program diversification and innovation.

As the international department grew into TRU World, and Cariboo College became University College of the Cariboo and then TRU, Mossop and the team remained committed to their student’s success, safety and academic inspiration. Internationalization at TRU required proper intercultural support infrastructure and the university developed an extensive international student support system, with 11 international advisors from around the world to welcome and support students.

In the 2022/2023 school year, TRU World welcomed over 4,000 students from more than 102 countries and regions and has seen an expansion of international opportunities for domestic students. Whether welcoming students from around the world to campus or preparing domestic students for transformative experiences abroad, TRU World focuses on inclusion and diversity, providing students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing global landscape.


Baihua Chadwick, TRU Vice-President, International | 250-371-5525

Michele Young, Manager, Communications Content
Strategic Communications, TRU University Relations

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