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New website crawls with facts about BC creatures

February 2, 2022

Northern Alligator Lizard (Photo credit: Jacob McGinnis)

Want to learn more about the diverse reptiles and amphibians of BC, the struggles they face and how you can help protect them? Thanks to a new website created by a group of TRU students from the Master of Science and Computer Science programs, you can.

Pacific Treefrog (Photo credit: Dave Huth)

“Although Dr. Leigh Anne Isaac (Adjunct Faculty Member, Natural Resource Sciences) and I oversaw the project, the content, writing, organization and coding were all done by TRU students,” says Professor Karl Larsen.

“The new website expands and replaces the original BC Reptiles site I started up nearly 20 years ago.”

Devoted to the reptiles and amphibians of BC, the new website hopes to inform, inspire and engage all who visit.

Students were paid for their time through the Conservation Economic Stimulus Initiative created by the BC Government as part of the economic recovery plan.


Karl Larsen is on sabbatical but can be reached for media interviews at

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