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Trauma and memory through history-how it impacts society today

April 5, 2019

Annie St. John-Stark

Annie is an assistant professor of history in TRU’s department of Philosophy, History and Politics who can speak to how war-based traumatic experiences have affected and continue to affect relationships, societal concepts of veteran and civilian survival mechanisms, and perspectives on intergenerational trauma.


Her research focus areas are:

  • Trauma and memory in historical contexts of war and soldiering, apocalyptic and eschatological discourse in early modern Europe and Britain
  • Conscience and honour in early modern Europe and Britain
  • Intellectual and popular perspectives in history on religious belief and science

Her work has led to the development of three courses in TRU’s history program. She recently wrote a paper on memory and trauma among soldiers in 17th century England that she is presenting at the Memory Studies Conference in Madrid, Spain in June 2019.

St. John-Stark has taught at TRU for 20 years. She is the faculty representative on the editorial committee for Dialogues: Undergraduate Research in Philosophy, History, and Politics, a peer-reviewed journal published through Digital Commons/TRU.


Annie St. John-Stark, chair and assistant professor, Philosophy, History and Politics
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